American ‘Medic’ Renee Bach Speaks Out, Mayuge District Promises To Support Her

American ‘Medic’ Renee Bach Speaks Out, Mayuge District Promises To Support Her an accessible web community

By Patrick Jaramogi

Mayuge,Uganda: We broke this story, and we shall keep on it perhaps until its resolved. Early this week we broke in this investigative media site how a “Muzungu”, a self-acclaimed American medic had been dragged to court by two mothers over the death of their children at her facility in Jinja.

Renee Bach, an American Citizen from Bedford in Virginia has run the Serving His Children (SHC) facility in Masese I village Jinja for the last 9 years. Renee who flew out of Uganda late last year on Thursday night called SpyUganda and had her side of the story. “I need to first of all hail you for coming out to seek my views regarding the allegations. I am happy that I can also speak my mind,” she said. Rene who didn’t divulge the state she is in would not comment whether she will return back to Uganda or not, and whether she would be present for the court case slated for March 12. “I may return, but not sure when. I am aware of the case and the case date due on March 12, 2019. Even though I may not be present, at least my lawyers won’t miss, and we are optimistic we shall win. These are mere allegations,” she said. She said when she landed in Uganda in 2009, the situation of children suffering due to malnutrition was pathetic. “I started from scratch, but with support from friends, churches, and well-wishers, we managed to put a smile on the faces of malnourished children from deep rural villages in Uganda,” she explained.

Renee said she loved children, and admitted that her desire for children was widely known, and appreciated too.  She said many parents have positive stories to share about the SHC program. “The allegations that over 1,000 children died under my care is absolute lies and allegations. I can’t rule out the fact that children died, like they do die in any health facility, but still it’s not true to say that I killed them,” she said. She said she would soon come up with documentary evidence of the hundreds of families that passed through Serving His Children (SHC) scattered in various villages in Namutumba, Manafwa, Butalejja and elsewhere.

Mayuge District Leadership backs Renee

When the mills made the round, those who have benefited much from Renee’s services didn’t sit back and look. TheSpy Uganda can reveal that on Friday, the top leadership of Mayuge District Local Administration led by the District Chairperson, Omar Bongo, and the RDC who doubles as the Security Chairperson had a closed door meeting to address the impulse. Also in attendance was the District Health Officer, as well as the Chief Administrative Officer (CA0). Renee relocated to Mayuge after the Jinja District Administration suspended her operations at Masese I village. Sources that attended the meeting confided to us that the entire district leadership vowed to support SHC remain operational. “It is perhaps only fools who can’t appreciate what good this Muzungu has done to our people and community. We shall not sit back and allow Renee defamed,” said the chairperson. “We shall support her by first off all getting her the best legal service possible among others,” he said. an accessible web community

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