Assasination Attempt On The Principal Judge Was From A Roadside Explosive Device-Says Police

Assasination Attempt On The Principal Judge Was From A Roadside Explosive Device-Says Police an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda

The territorial police at Katonga Region and Mpigi, registered an incident of attempted murder, against the Principal Judge, His Lordship, Dr. Flavian Zaija, after his convoy was allegedly attacked by suspected gunmen on the 23.04.2022, at around 8:30pm, around Kalandezi village, Buwama in Mpigi district.

As a result, a composite tactical team from counter-terrorism, CMI, forensics, crime intelligence, ISO and operations, visited the scene and condoned it off, for a thorough assessment.

Now, Police say they have since established that the attack on the convoy, was instead as a result of an improvised explosive device, planted on the roadside, below the guard rail, at a remote location, in Kalandezi village.

”The task team recovered a variety of IED components that included; shattered detonator parts, pieces of wire, cut pieces of iron bars, shattered aluminum pieces, and metal fragments, all designed to increase the amount of shrapnel propelled by the explosive device,” says Police adding, ” There were no bullets or cartridges at the scene. We are grateful that the Principal Judge and his team were not injured. The vehicle of the Principal Judge and the lead car had minor damages from the impact of the metallic fragments.”

According to Police, this is the second such type of incident, where IEDs are planted on the roadside, to either damage vehicles, along the road and incapacitate, injure or kill motorists. The first incident occurred, on the 17.04.2022, at around 9:30pm, when Busasira Alex, while driving in the company of his wife, from Kampala to Kabale in a motor vehicle, registration number, UBJ399A, were hit by an IED, which was detonated and metallic shrapnel damaged his vehicle, along the Masaka-Kinoni section at Kyangoma LCI, Nkoni Parish, Kingo Sub-county, Lwengo district.

”Their vehicle was perforated by metallic pieces, some of which were picked from the body of the motor vehicle. The victims did not stop, despite the tyre burst and drove miles ahead. The following morning, our task teams, recovered metallic fragments, scattered around the scene,” adds Police. an accessible web community

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