Back Off! Go Read Books Well, Sheema District Speaker Blasts His Boss Kabigumira

Back Off! Go Read Books Well, Sheema District Speaker Blasts His Boss Kabigumira an accessible web community an accessible web community

By Micheal Atwakiire

Sheema: After weeks of investigations, Sheema District Speaker Kwariija Nicholas has finally nailed his boss, the Chairman LCV Kabigumira David and vowed to take him to the disciplinary committee over office misuse.

In a two pages letter Spy Uganda landed on dated September 25, 2019, Kwariija wrote to Kabigumira requesting him to back off and stop false accusations that he [Kwariija] holds two public offices.

It should be remembered that discomfort between the two Sparkled on April 2, 2019, when Kabigumira wrote to Kwariija commanding him to step down as District Speaker over allegations of holding two public offices.

Kabigumira alleges that it is not lawful in Uganda’s Constitution. Kabigumira further wrote to the Local Government Minister complaining about Kwariija’s speakership but his complaints weren’t worked on.

Kwariija thus penned a letter preaching his boss and part of the letter reads;
“According to article 257[2b] of constitution of Uganda, a reference to an office in the public service doesn’t include the office of the President, Speaker or Deputy Speaker, Attorney General, Member of Parliament or Member of any Commission, Authority, council or committee established by the constitution. This means that the Office of the Speaker is not a public office. Therefore the allegations of holding two public offices, is totally false,” reads part of the Speaker’s letter.

Speaker’s letter

Kwariija continued and informed his boss to read the updated Acts and Books saying that the interpretation of the Speaker in the Local Government Act was amended in 2001. “In your letter, you made a reference to Local Government Act Section 11[17]on vacation of Speaker or Deputy Speaker, however the interpretation of speaker in Local Government Act was amended on 7th June 2001 replacing the definition of the speaker,“ Kwariija wrote.

Copy of the District Speaker’s letter to his boss

Kwariija added that the Chairman’s sections used are outdated and doesn’t affect the speaker but instead, they affect Kabigumira and his lower chairmen. “Section 12 and 24 of the Local Government act are clearly limited to District Chairperson and other chairpersons of lower Local Government Councils. The fact that I was not elected under Section 12 or Section 24 is sufficient to prove that the section of Local Government Act quoted in your leter doesn’t apply to me,“ Kwariija’s letter reads in part.

Kwariija’s letter found Chairman Kabigumira in total disappointment following the recent incident where thieves stormed the district headquarters and went with his vehicles’ battery.

We tried our best to reach Chairman Kabigumira on phone but we couldn’t connect. an accessible web community an accessible web community

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