Besigye’s Cult Is Killing FDC-Odongo Otto, Cantankerous Mp Advises POA To resign!

Besigye’s Cult Is Killing FDC-Odongo Otto, Cantankerous Mp Advises POA To resign! an accessible web community

By Ronaldo Kalangi

Aruu county member of Parliament Odonga Otto has attacked former Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party president Rtd Col.Dr.Kiiza Besigye for splitting the party he founded.

Speaking to TheSpy Uganda reporter at Parliament on Wed., Otto revealed that Gen.Muntu is leaving FDC because Dr Besigye has created a cult in party as life presidential candidate.

“Besigye wants to remain as the only one bull In the Kraal, anybody who talks about him is always attacked that’s why the party is falling apart because he doesn’t want it to grow,” he said.

The MP further asked Patrick Amuriat Oboi, the FDC party president to consider resigning if he wants to be the hand bag of Besigye.

Walked away: Mugisha Muntu

Otto added that it was Besigye’s invincible hand that some of the members of his cult group that termed Muntu a “mole” because he is aimed at challenging Besigye from standing as a party president after losing four times to president Museveni.

The Lawmaker’s utterances come after the former FDC party president Gen Mugisha Muntu decided to leave the party and form his own party with other members of parliament.

Gen.Muntu is slated to make a big announcement on Thursday morning at 10am at Hotel Africana where he is expected to officially reveal his new party name and some of the members he is leaving FDC with.

Recently, Sarah Eperu, the women league publicist secretary described Otto as a misguided missile that moves without direction.

Efforts to speak to Dr.Besigye were futile as his well-known phones were not going through. an accessible web community

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