Bobi Wine Fans Kick Bebe Cool Off Stage With Urine, Stones As Jamaica’s Riley Puts Up Biggest Reggae Show In UG!

Bobi Wine Fans Kick Bebe Cool Off Stage With Urine, Stones As Jamaica’s Riley Puts Up Biggest Reggae Show In UG! an accessible web community

By Andrew Irumba

By All standards, apart from late Lucky Dube, no other reggae artiste has ever thrilled Ugandans with reggae like US based Jamaican super star Tarrus Riley as he drove his fans crazy last night at Lugogo cricket Oval grounds.

All was perfect, from light, sound to live performances by local artistes who curtain raised the super star. Artistes like Vampino, Raba daba, Aziz Azion, A-Pass and Maddox Semanda Sematimba kicked off the event with electrified performances.

Bebe Cool accepts to leave stage to avoid humiliation

However, hell broke loose when the Gagamel Boss Bebe Cool got on stage! As soon as he stepped on stage, Bobi Wine fans couldn’t stand his sight, they started chanting #peoplePower, our power slogans as they shouted in their loudest voices asking Bebe [fool as they called him] to leave stage.

Bebe Cool first insisted on putting up his powerful performance singing his ‘everyday’ song…..wiggling his waist like a possessed pastor Kakande’s sheep! The ‘Kasepiki’ hit maker only realized that the fans were damn serious when they started throwing everything nearest to them including mineral water bottles filled with urine, stones, beer bottles, sodas etc unto the stage hitting him hard. That was the moment security swung in action and whisked away Bebe Cool off stage like a chicken thief while showing signs of defiance not wanting to leave stage prematurely.

As the ugly scenes took centre stage, the event producers relayed adverts on the giant screens but the crowd only got rowdy. At one moment, Bebe was hit with a beer bottle on his bare chest which he had opened to show off his masculine body.

Jamaican Tarrus Riley doing his thing

Back to Tarrus Riley: Surprisingly, Tarrus came on stage and shortly after shouted ‘People Power Is Our Power’, One Love, African unite, Uganda is the best country in the world, etc…sending cheers and jubilation through the crowd. He actually said he would not have come to Uganda if he was to follow rumours he hears about Uganda. Tarrus put up the heaviest reggae show so far in Uganda apart from late Lucky Dube.

Maddox Ssemanda doing his thing
Vampino thrill his fans an accessible web community

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