Breaking: After DP Sale, Museveni Appoints Mao As Minister Of Justice

Breaking: After DP Sale, Museveni Appoints Mao As Minister Of Justice

By Spy Uganda

The breaking news landing on our desk indicates that President Museveni has July 21 appointed Opposition Democratic Party President Nobert Mao as the Minister for Justice and Constitutional Affairs.

This is according to a communication by President Museveni via his twitter handle on Thursday afternoon.

This comes hours after President Museveni and the opposition Democratic Party (DP) president general, Norbert Mao signed a ‘cooperation agreement’ which political pundits translated into ‘sell of DP to NRM’.

The above left Ugandans in shock and attracted some ‘heavy’ comments from opposition members among them including National Unity Platform (NUP) Secretary General David Lewis Rubongoya who said that the pretense is over and the agreement explains why Mao was previously attacking NUP.

“The pretense is over. Explains the attacks on NUP. Hope this clears the air for those who always ask about “opposition unity” in Uganda. Like I have persistently said, the mistake some analysts make is to assume that everyone who calls themselves opposition is actually opposition,” he said.

Back to appointments, Mao officially becomes the substantive minister for this ministry replacing Maj Gen Kahiinda Otafiire who was reshuffled from this position last year.

The ministry has since been in the custody of public service Muruli Mukasa in an acting position.

Meanwhile, the president has also appointed Hamson Obua who has been the state minister for sports and Education as the government chief whip.

This position has been vacant ever since Thomas Tayebwa resigned to become deputy speaker.

Obua has been replaced by Peter Ogwang who has been the minister of state for economic monitoring in the office of the president.

Ogwang has been replaced by Akori woman MP Beatrice Akello. an accessible web community

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