Cabral Tech’s Kilimo Farmers Call Centre Starts Operating, Set To Boost Uganda’s Agriculture

Cabral Tech’s Kilimo Farmers Call Centre Starts Operating, Set To Boost Uganda’s Agriculture an accessible web community an accessible web community

By Andrew Irumba

Cabral Technology has launched an operational free call centre for farmers in Uganda, from where they access all necessary agricultural information at no cost.

Spy Uganda has learnt that the call centre known as ‘Kilimo Call Centre’ is aimed at providing information to farmers on a 24 hour basis.
Through Kilimo Call Centre famers can call on a toll free line 0800399399 and receive timely information on the following for free, about all crops;

  1. Crop Management
  2. Crop Diseases
  3. Agriculture Inputs
  4. Markets & Market Prices
  5. Weather Forecast
  6. Agriculture Credit & Insurance

Cabral Technology is a company which was formed in 2017 by a Kyambogo University graduate identified as Uhuru Serubiri, with an aim of setting up an African publishers’ house which he thought needed funding.
He thus decided to inject skills gained from university into agriculture to act as a source of income to fulfill the dream of the publishers’ house.

Serubiri and team under their company Cabral Tech in August 2019 launched their first ever one stop agricultural call center in Uganda, with an aim of modernising Agriculture,creating effective communication both in rural and urban areas to find some of the solutions that have been bothering not only Ugandans,but the Government as well.
It’s this project that has since materialised into Kilimo Call Centre, which is now serving farmers from all corners of Uganda and beyond.

“The question has been; how do we Integrate this sector to match with others on the new technological advancements that other sectors are enjoying and Promote agriculture through internet and Mobile technology? Now my Young brother Uhuru (Cabral Tech’s CEO) has answered me,” state Minister for Agriculture Vincent Bamulangaki Ssempija said during the launch in August.

Serubiri also supported Government’s take on registering coffee farmers and said the exercise should apply to all Agricultural sectors, saying it has been their long-time prayer, since the exercise would broaden Uganda’s import agricultural sectors, make it easy to monitor agriculture production, help in sensitizing registered farmers on how to fight against pests and diseases, among others. an accessible web community an accessible web community

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