Carry Your Own Cross! Inter-Religious Council, Pastor Sserwada, Distance Selves From Archbishop Lwanga’s Poisonous ‘Suggestion’ To Postpone Elections

Carry Your Own Cross! Inter-Religious Council, Pastor Sserwada, Distance Selves From Archbishop Lwanga’s Poisonous ‘Suggestion’ To Postpone Elections an accessible web community an accessible web community

By Andrew Irumba

Kampala: The Senior Pastor of Victory Church Ndeeba Pastor Joseph Sserwadda who is also a member of the Inter-Religious Council of Uganda has revealed that he was not part of the recent suggestions that were made by Kampala Archibishop Dr. Cyprian Kizito Lwanga calling upon the government to the postpone elections and to amend the constitution to give President Museveni more three years.

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On Wednesday this week, Uganda Joint Christian Council (UJCC) led by Archbishop Lwanga asked the government to postpone presidential elections for three years and allow president Museveni to continue ruling uninterrupted, urging that politicians were not following Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) which has escalated the spread of Covid-19 with more deaths expected after elections.

However,  Sserwadda who was addressing journalists at Victory church on Friday totally disagreed with Lwaga noting that elections cannot be postponed because many people including candidates who emerged unopposed have invested in a lot of money adding that it’s too late and nothing can be reversed since Uganda is now at the last phase and the campaigns are getting done in a few days.

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“It was supposed to be then, before nominations, before anybody invested in money before anybody did anything. Now you come when the elections are just around the corner to make such demands? When people have already put in their money? Some people have already won this election unopposed how are you going to tell them. We have already had riots where people have lost their lives therefore, it’s too late,” Pastor Sserwadda said.

“A few days ago, our top leadership of UJCC to which I am the current Chairman, discussed this current entire sad situation at length and we came up with a resolution that we should postpone the presidential elections for at least three years so as to allow both the Covid-19 pandemic and the electoral climate to cool down and also create a favorable political and social environment which will enhance peaceful free and fair elections. This is a debatable proposition that we call upon the Parliament to discuss objectively,” he added

However, Archbishop Lwanga’s statements have attracted a wide range of mixed reactions and criticism among Ugandans with many accusing him of conniving with the ruling government.

While delivering this message Lwanga noted that it was agreed upon by all the council members however Pastor Sserwadda refuted it and said it was a different statement that he read before the press.

“I have the original copy of the statement from the chairperson of the episcopal conference, it objects to that statement which Archbishop Lwanga read,” Sserwadda Said.

Meanwhile, Lwanga is currently crying out loud about the misuse of social media by a group of Ugandans who are allegedly accusing him of plotting to poison Bobi Wine.

While at Rubaga Cathedral presiding over Christmas prayers yesterday, Lwanga revealed that there is a section of Ugandans on social media who are now spreading all forms of fake news against him adding that a certain group of Ugandans is threatening him and other religious leaders accusing them of trying to frustrate the National Unity Platform Presidential Flagbearer, Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu aka Bobi Wine.

“There is too much misuse of social media, too much fake news. People were on social media spreading lies, abusing me, and saying all sorts of things. That I have been bought (by Museveni). If you ask such people to provide proof, they can never get it. I ask you to use social media to say the truth, avoid spreading fake news,” Lwanga said.

“Certain people on social media are accusing me and other religious leaders of harboring ill intentions against Bobi Wine. One of them even called me and said that religious leaders want to kill Bobi Wine by poisoning the hostia (Eucharist bread). These people have apparently asked Bobi Wine to stop taking holy communion in church or not pray in certain churches for such a reason. Can you imagine!” Lwanga added an accessible web community an accessible web community

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