Comedienne Kansiime Ventures Into Music, Releases Maiden Reggae Hit

Comedienne Kansiime Ventures Into Music, Releases Maiden Reggae Hit an accessible web community

By Andrew Irumba

Celebrated Ugandan comedienne Kansiime seems to either want to hit two birds with one stone or is trying to diversify from comedy.

This comes after our Spy revealing that Kansiime is no longer looking at comedy as her only means of survival but she has since ventured into music too as a way of making ends meet.

We can exclusively reveal that Kansiime kicked off her music career by releasing a new tune titled ‘Sit Down’, which has since captivated airwaves in Uganda and across borders.

Kansiime’s song, in which she features her new lover only identified as Skylanta Abraham, is a reggae dancehall tune and she has already shot a video for the song.
The funny Mukiga from Kabale is set to take her fans by storm, because very few of them expected her to be able to sing.

Kansiime’s video

Meanwhile, she is still going strong with her new lover and the two were recently snapped swapping saliva ferociously while on a tour upcountry, when they had gone to shoot the video.

Kansiime hooked Skylanta last year after bitterly falling out with her ex-husband Gerald Ojok.
She has since been enjoying steamy romantic rendezvous with the lad, who is also an upcoming musician.

However, our Spies wonder if Kansiime is working on an entire album or she is planning on becoming a One-hit Wonder like several Ugandan musicians who have disappeared from the scene shortly after hitting the limelight. an accessible web community

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