Comedy Meets Poetry At Rock Comedy.

Comedy Meets Poetry At Rock Comedy. an accessible web community

By Emuk Benjamen

Satire, parody and inside jokes are all based on events that happened in the past. Very often funny stories are about these events themselves.

Learning about them helps one gain valuable information about a community’s history and how they developed. Poets have always been at the forefront of all that.

Rock comedy has now become a talk in Town ever since it was introduced in early march this year, all other episodes have been filled with interesting jokes from comics and live band music to sooth one’s musical appetite and rekindle memories.
While other Comedy Houses are busy making music the headline of comedy shows, that is absolutely not the case with Rock Comedy now days.


Last Tuesday episode has yet seen another greater achievement as Poetry was fused with comedy just to give enjoyment another meaning.

Poet entertainers like Phillip Matogo, Davis the Poet and others, treated the revelers with Funny satirical stories. They use humor to criticize a person or a society. Humor is often based on secret jokes and they help one peek inside the mind of a community thereby, gaining valuable information about the problems of a community and understanding the English context to words, phrases and ideas.

Comedian Komaketch on stepping the stage, spiced up the show when he joked about how blacks are despised, Indians not participating in soccer more so in commentary because of their slow speed in speaking, not forgetting the Gold medalist, Cheptegei’s difficulty in expressing himself in English.

Jajja Bruce’s Performance put exciting smiles to the fans faces, not wanting to see him leave the stage.
Bruce showed off his rare dances, put light on how Ugandan video Jokees (VJs) joke and translate movies
NBS’ Agartha Loswash was the emcee of the night and there were also performances from Mc Kapale, Smart Ayokyayokya and under cover Brothers.

Agatha the MC pulling the audience’s attention with her sexy body. an accessible web community

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