Controversy As US Ambassador To Russia Resigns

Controversy As US Ambassador To Russia Resigns

John Huntsman, the Unites States ambassador to Russia on Tuesday threw in the towel and handed his resignation to President Donald Trump.

Huntsman, 59, has served as the US Ambassador to Russia since 3 October, 2017.

He was previously US Ambassador to China and to Singapore, and also served as a Deputy US Trade Representative and as governor of Utah.

Huntsman, who is planning to return to Utah for a possible run for Governor, shocked both Russia and Moscow when he announced his resignation.

The resignation is effective October 3, 2019 so as to allow sufficient time for a successor to be nominated and confirmed, Huntsman said in the letter.

“I humbly resign my office as United States Ambassador to Russia, effective October 3, 2019”, the letter reads.

The diplomat added that he had previously informed President Trump and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo that he and his family wished to return to the United States after two years of service “to reconnect with our growing family and responsibilities at home.”

Huntsman went on to say that the United States must continue to hold Russia accountable for its “threatening behaviour” towards the US and its allies.

Last year, the diplomat faced calls to resign after a historic summit between President Putin and President Trump. In particular, he was accused of working “for a pawn, not a president.”

In November, the envoy revealed that he was battling cancer and now his resignation comes at the least expected moment. an accessible web community

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