District Chairman To Face Disciplinary Committee Over Misuse Of Office

District Chairman To Face Disciplinary Committee Over Misuse Of Office

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By Micheal Atwakiire

Sheema: Sheema District Chairman David Kabigumira is in deep trouble over allegations of misusing his office.

This was revealed by the district speaker Hon. Nicholas Kwariija, who alerted Spy Uganda that the district council is planning disciplinary action against Kabigumira.

Kwarijja revealed this on Tuesday during an interview with Spy Uganda about issues concerning the vehicle that belonged to the Education’s office, but was later given to the District Chairman, leaving the education’s office without any means of transport.

Kabigumira’s vehicle which broke down

It should be remembered that last month a vehicle number  LG 0019105, meant to be used by the office of education to supervise and inspect schools around the district, was given to chairman LC5’s office after its car got mechanical problems.

Ever since, many big officials from the office of Education have since resorted to hiring boda bodas when going for official duties.

Hon. Kwariija told us that “The money for completion of classrooms in Bwayegamba, Kyengando, Kyabuharambo, Kazingangore and Buringo primary schools worth Shs150M was used to procure a vehicle for education’s office for inspection and supervision on recommendation of district chairman.

After the vehicle was bought, he grabbed it and diverted it from the purpose it was brought for for his personal gains. The ministry of Education and Sports  issued a circular against his action but he remained adamant. The district council is planning disciplinary action for his abuse of office.”

We reached Chairman Kabigumira on phone to comment about the matter but he told us that; “I can’t say anything about that, go and ask CAO!” He immediately switched off the phone. When we called him back , he didn’t pick up our repeated calls.

We couldn’t reach CAO since he recently lost his wife. But when we reached to Resident District Commissioner (RDC)’s office Frank Kyereere, he told us that

“The vehicle neither belongs  to the Ministry of Education nor to the local Government but to the District of Sheema , Chairman is the head and still he is the district education secretary , so he has powers to choose any vehicle from the district with permission from the CAO.”

Remember that the Ministry of Education and Sports circular No.11/2019 issued on  March 13, 2019 , warns the District Chairmen, Mayors, Town Clerks and CAOs to stop confiscating vehicles of the Education’s office. “The Ministry of Education and Sports gave permission to the local Government to procure vehicles for the district education department using the school facilitation grants in the financial year. This directive was issued by the ministry to help the local Government which had no means of transport and to improve their output.

“It has been observed that in many local government officials, some district chairmen, CAOs and mayors have confiscated the vehicles from education department and are using them for their use. This is a wrong practice and doesn’t support the cause for which the vehicles were procured..” The circular from the ministry of education reads in part.

The circular also informed  all  responsible stakeholders in the district to take note of this development and ensure that the vehicles are put in the right use in the district education departments.

Sheema district compound is these days like a garage full of old and new  vehicles, among them one that initially belonged to Kabigumira before it broke down.

Sheema district compound

Accessdome.com: an accessible web community

Accessdome.com: an accessible web community

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