Ecstasy As Bishops FC Vow To Win This Year’s Kabira Club Corporate Football Tournament

Ecstasy As Bishops FC Vow To Win This Year’s Kabira Club Corporate Football Tournament an accessible web community

By Andrew Irumba

Organizers of Kabira Country Club Football Tournament season 2 are in a state of extreme happiness and excitement after registering a competing football club by Bishops, who not only promised other contenders for the one million prize money a ‘rough time’ but also vowed to take them back to ‘school’ in football dribbling skills!

“We want to show our beloved people that we also have ‘stamina’, and can play, interact and mingle very freely with followers of our lord Jesus Chris,” one of them said as he registered their team.

Now, that means the Bishops’ club will have an uphill task when tussling it out with other twelve teams who already confirmed participation. These include; FUFA’s Corporate team, YALI, Falcons, Hisense,  Kings’ way, Macos Legends, Hash Security, Gonyama, Premier Advertising, Kitunga Alumni, Pink tie, Kabira Club and Pan-African Pyramid (PAP) football clubs.

According to Mr.Rakesh Hurrychurn, General Manager Kabira Country Club who are the organizers of the event, the tournament, which is organized under the ‘six-a-side’ system aims at allowing more corporate companies participate in order to promote health and fitness in their staff, but also promote corporate networking amongst the same.

“Participation fee was put to the lowest, shs.200, 000 per team to allow more corporate companies embrace the value of communal exercising. Many corporate companies’ staff simply work and work without exercise, this more aims at closing that health lapse, and it’s good for our lives,” Mr.Rajiv Ruparelia, the Group’s managing Director told this reporter on phone when called for a comment.

Mr.Rajiv (M) receive their certificate in the last year tournament

The event will take place this 31 March 2019 at Kabira Country Club Bukoto starting at 9am.

The inaugural tournament took place last year and attracted companies like Kabira Country Club, Victoria University, Bet Yetu, Prozone, Riham Group , Yo Kuku, Cipla, Alpha Bet, Rainbow, Hisense, Tushar Ruparelia, Katon, Satguru, Cipla, Club 194 and Bukoto Heights football clubs among others.

Last year Prozone  took the prize money after defeating Victoria University 1-0

FUFA’s Esther Musoke hands over the trophy to the winner last year. an accessible web community

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