Farmer’s Guide With Mugenyi Joseph: Here Is What You Need To Know About Crocodile Farming

Farmer’s Guide With Mugenyi Joseph: Here Is What You Need To Know About Crocodile Farming an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda

Crocodiles are deadly wild animals but can be farmed when you follow the right procedures.

Crocodiles can live up to 70-80 years implying 3 generations could still testify this project by reaping out some money. This implies you reap good money for a long time.

More you need to know about crocodiles is that they don’t easily fall sick, implying loss is totally reduced compared to other projects and these have huge international market base.

Actually according to scientists, Crocodile meat is nutritious and cures cough and cold related diseases like asthma and pneumonia.

Their skin are used in the leather industry. Remember crocodile leather is the most expensive in the world.

Crocodile farming also acts as a tourist attraction which also adds on the profits to the farmer.

Meanwhile, you may need to know that Crocodiles and alligators are `cousins’ since they are from the same family called crocodylidae, though crocodiles are bigger and more dangerous. It is only in one American farm where both crocodiles and alligators are farmed together in one place.

Before You Think To Start A Crocodile Farm, Note The Following;

1. Get training or employ a trained personnel.

2. Select the site of your farm.

3. Get a license to allow you startup the farm.

4. Construct the pond

5. Acquire Crocodile young hatchlings from another farm.

In Uganda, we have Buwama Crocodile Farm situated in Mpigi district in the western just 70 kilometres from the capital city of Uganda, Kampala.

6. You can also start with a mature male and female Crocodile.

It lays around 70-80eggs which then hatch into young Crocodiles.

7. Like humans, Crocodiles like a balanced diet, so they usually feed on chicken, fish, frogs, lizards, fresh meat, etc.

They also eat the dead crocodiles hence the farmer doesn’t make a total loss if one dies.

8. After 9-10 years the young Crocodiles are mature enough to start laying eggs. They build a nest over the eggs.

It then stays nearer to ambush any predators intending to disturb the eggs.

9. Eggs take 3-4 months to hatch.

10. The mother carries them onto its month to water for proper caring.

The late unhatched eggs are also carried of which will also hatch out after some time.

After being hatched, the cycle repeats itself as noted above.

Mugenyi Joseph (MJ Farmer) is a senior agronomist and agribusiness entrepreneur based in Kibiito. He can be reached on 0788741353. Email: an accessible web community

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