Fort Portal City Mayor Trashes Street Parking Contractor’s Contract For Inflating Fees

Fort Portal City Mayor Trashes Street Parking Contractor’s Contract For Inflating Fees an accessible web community an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda

It is high time to see Fortportal City getting a new street parking contractor after Mayor dubbed Rev Willy Kintu Muhanga asking the town Clerk to dustbin papers of the new contract of Woodfix Technical Services accusing them of failing to observe contract terms.

Woodfix Technical Services which attained the contract in 2019 is said to have been minting from motorists exorbitantly, inflating the fees, double charging vehicle owners and not only those but also the company allegedly failed to sensitize the public about the parking system that fits in the new tourism city.

In addition to all the above, the Mayor says the company was using its position in the city to force vehicle-owners to buy parking coupons of 2,000 Shillings instead of the normal one of 500 Shillings fees per hour, “but also the company was double-charging motorists for parking on different sides of the street within an hour and those who would refuse to pay were fined a sum of up to 5,000 Shillings after 48 hours,” said Kintu.

Now, Kintu says that it is against that background that he decided not to renew the company’s contract saying he is not ready to be crushed by the victims especially the motorists who are charged exorbitantly in contravention of the agreement which was signed by both parties.

“I told town clerk not to renew their contract and he said that there is no money to advertise for a new contractor, I have now decided that let the city council for the meantime perform the job because we can’t continue to be leaders when our people are crying of companies like woodfix,” said angry Mayor Muhanga.

Whereas Mayor says the company forget what it signed for and the rules to follow, Christopher Kasozi, the Woodfix Manager, says whatever they have been doing has been within the contract they signed and therefore they wonder what exactly Muhanga means when he says they were not observant of what they agreed in the contract.

Meanwhile, Fort Portal Deputy City Clerk, John Bosco Rusoke, said on behalf of his boss that they have received Mayor’s letter and soon will hand in their response to his office. an accessible web community an accessible web community

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