French Montana, Weeknd BuildS Health Facility in Uganda

French Montana, Weeknd BuildS Health Facility in Uganda an accessible web community

By Benjamen Emuk

Rapper French Montana brought on a new wave of charity in hip-hop when he announced he was going to donate money alongside The Weeknd to a hospital in Uganda. The rapper unleashed the good news on his personal Instagram on July 22 amidst excited!

According to a spokesperson, assumed to be one of the staff coordinators with Mama Hope ( the organization Montana partnered with), the hospital will serve as staff quarters for Ugandan doctors, nurses, and medical staff who can reside there. The video Montana uploaded to his social media account also showed a building where medical staff will be able to provide health care to more than 286,000 people, though So far the hospital has 50 rooms.

“WOW!”, French Montana captioned the video on Instagram. “I love hip-hop and the platform it gave me. Things like this make all the blood, sweat, and tears worth it.”

French Montana said on “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah” that he is involved with Mama Hope, a non-profit organization that helps make the world a better place for children and mothers. When explaining what motivated him to take on the project, the rapper said that being from Morocco had a lot to do with it. “Honestly I think…really living there until I was like 13 years old had a lot to do with it. When I saw these kids, it was like my face and their body. That was the only reason I took the 30 hour flight,” the rapper explained.

After Montana donated the money to the hospital, The Weeknd followed suit by deciding to drop 100 grand on the project.

Besides French’s humanitarian work, his latest studio album “Jungle Rules” was released. The album includes French’s hit single-“Unforgettable”- with special appearances by Quavo, Pharrell, The Weeknd, Future, and more. an accessible web community

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