FUFA Polls 2021: Delegates For Special Interest Groups Elected

FUFA Polls 2021: Delegates For Special Interest Groups Elected

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Kampala: The Federation of Uganda Football Associations (FUFA) Special Interest Groups (SIG’s) delegates have been elected at the FUFA Headquarters in Mengo, Kampala on Saturday, 8th May 2021.

Delegates from the 8 Special Interest Groups; Uganda Football Referees Association (URFA), Uganda Football Coaches Association (UFCA), Uganda Beach Soccer Association (UBSA), Futsal Association Uganda (FAU), Uganda Football Players Association (UFPA), Uganda Schools Football Association (USFA), Uganda Youth Football Association (UYFA),
Uganda Women Football Association (UWFA).

In brief, Ronnie Kalema returned as chairman of the Uganda Football Referees Association unopposed. The other two UFRA delegates are Brian Miiro Nsubuga and Rosebell Rwamuyamba.

Livingstone Kyambadde is the chairman of the Uganda Football Coaches Association (UFCA) with Frank Anyau as the other delegate.

Uganda Beach Soccer Association (UBSA) chairman and the delegate is Deo Mutabazi who returned unopposed; Anthony Tumwesigye also returned unopposed.

Futsal Association Uganda (FAU) chairman is Hamzah Jjunju (unopposed) with Patrick Lugemwa the other delegate (also unopposed).

Uganda Football Players Association (UFPA) chairman and chairman is Paul Ssali (unopposed) and Fred Tamale the other delegate (unopposed).

Justus Mugisha tallied 23 votes to win the chairmanship of the Uganda Schools Football Association. Miriam Makeba is the second delegate after scoring 22 votes.

The new Uganda Youth Football Association chairman is Robert Kiwanuka who tallied 18 votes.

Mansoor Kabugo is the second delegate after returning 17 votes. Farouk Kigongo got two votes.

Margaret Kubingi tallied 18 votes to win the chairpersonship of the Uganda Women Football Association (UWFA).

Owek. Florence Nkalubo Bagunywa is the second delegate after scoring 14 votes. Harriet Nattabi got 9 votes.

Uganda Football Players Association (UFPA) delegates are Paul Ssali and Fred Tamale.

The elections completed include; District Football Associations, Regional Football Associations, Special Interest Groups and FUFA Women Football Leagues (Super League and Elite League).

Those yet to be conducted are in the FUFA Big League (5 Delegates), Third Vice President, the FUFA President and his Executive Committee.

The 97th FUFA Assembly will be hosted by Eastern Region Football Association (ERFA) in Mbale city on 21st August 2021 as decided by the 24th FUFA Executive Committee meeting that was convened at FUFA Executive Complex on 30th April 2021.

In Summary

Uganda Football Referees Association (UFRA)

Chairman/Delegate: Ronnie  Kalema-Unopposed

Delegate: Brian Miiro Nsubuga -Unopposed

Delegate: Rosebell  Rwamuyamba (Delegate) – unopposed

Uganda Football Coaches Association (UFCA)

Chairman/Delegate: Livingstone Kyambadde -Unopposed

Frank Anyau (Delegate) -Unopposed

Uganda Beach Soccer Association (UBSA)

Chairman/Delegate: Deo Mutabazi -Unopposed

Delegate: Anthony Tumwesigye Unopposed

Futsal Association Uganda (FAU)

Chairman/Delegate: Hamzah Jjunju- Unopposed

Delegate: Patrick  Lugemwa-Unopposed

Uganda Football Players Association (UFPA)

Chairman/Delegate: Paul Ssali- Unopposed

Delegate: Fred Tamale – Unopposed

Uganda Schools Football Association (USFA)

Chairman/Delegate: Justus Mugisha (23 Votes- Declared Winner)

2nd Delegate: Miriam Makeba (22 Votes)

Elsie Namagambe (1 vote)

Uganda Youth Football Association (UYFA)

Chairman/Delegate: Robert Kiwanuka (18 Votes-Declared Winner))

2nd Delegate: Mansoor Kabugo (17 Votes)

Farouk Kigongo (2 votes)

Uganda Women Football Association (UWFA)

Chairperson/Delegate: Margaret Kubingi (18 votes- Declared Winner)

2nd Delegate: Owek. Florence  Nkalubo Bagunywa (14 votes)

Harriet  Nattabi  9 votes

FUFA Women National Leagues (2 Delegates)

FUFA Women Super League- Delegate:

Scovia Angeyango (15 Votes-Declared Winner)

Faridah  Bulega – 6 votes.

FUFA Women Elite League: Justine  Nambafu – Unopposed

Elections Completed:
·        District Football Associations
·        Regional Football Associations
·        Special Interest Groups
·        FUFA Women Football Leagues (Super League and Elite League)

Yet to be conducted:
·        FUFA Big League (5 Delegates)
·        3rd Vice President
·        FUFA President and Executive

Accessdome.com: an accessible web community

Accessdome.com: an accessible web community

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