Opinion: Even President Museveni Acknowledges Oulanyah’s Special Knowledge & Leadership Skills

Opinion: Even President Museveni Acknowledges Oulanyah’s Special Knowledge & Leadership Skills

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By Frank Mugisha

Yes! Deputy Speaker Jacob Oulanyah is part of the Parliamentary Commission and has never run away from any of his duties

He has attended, contributed, and given great guidance to the Commission and overtime offered an impeccable interpretation of Laws to the same body.

He has been present on all matters that require his unique knowledge and skills, especially when needed by the Commission including recently when the commission met the President in the statehouse. It’s on record that President Museveni has always appreciated Oulanyah for his deep knowledge of the Law since Oulanyah is a constitutional drafter.

On social media usage, Jacob Oulanyah is a deliberate man, highly calculative and you will never hear him speak about something unless it’s very important.

Oulanyah is not the kind of man who runs to social media to solve issues. His method of work is different. He will not harass nor disgrace any leader for public show.

That is why he has excelled at working harmoniously with the executive, and the judiciary and fellow citizens.

Even MPs will confirm that Oulanyah will call you personally to solve any misunderstandings that you may have.

He is not the kind to pit legislators against one another or throws them in a bad light to the public.

On confidentiality, the highest level of confidentiality is observed by Oulanyah.

Leaders and citizens give credit to Oulanyah for standing by them and keeping his word on all matters that they share or agree on.

Indeed you will never hear anything spoken in confidence come out from the man from Omoro.

He has maintained this tight-lipped strategy while dealing with many conflicts and many times come out victorious.

Such is the caliber of leaders we need in Parliament. A leader who will not air out MPs dirty linens and pit the public against MPs to the extent that they lose their Parliamentary seats.

Oulanyah is both an Idea and the person who carries the idea. Indeed we have waited for so long for a Speaker like him.

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