Gen. Tumukunde Remanded Again As Magistrate Snubs Court Over COVID-19

Gen. Tumukunde Remanded Again As Magistrate Snubs Court Over COVID-19 an accessible web community an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda

Presidential aspirant Gen. Henry TUmukunde has Monday been remanded again to Luzira prisons after hearing of his bail application flopped due to the absence of a trial magistrate because of the Coronavirus lockdown.

Gen. Tumukunde is accused of treason and illegal possession of firearms and ammunition, allegations he vehemently denies and says are politically motivated.

Hearing the bail application was scheduled to begin today (March 30) but it was adjourned because the trial magistrate, Valerian Tuhimbise, was not on duty, because the Chief Justice suspended court hearings and appearances in a bid to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Prosecution claims that on March 13, 2020 while at his office at Impala Avenue in Kololo, Gen Tumukunde was found in possession of two guns; an Ak47 and a pistol.

Tumukunde was also charged with unlawful possession of 34 rounds of ammunition without a valid firearm license.

Prosecution also claims that on March 5, 2020 while appearing on a local television station in Kampala, Gen Tumukunde made utterances which were calculated to instigate the Republic of Rwanda to invade Uganda and cause unlawful change of government.

Gen Tumukunde has never taken plea the in the treason case because the offence is capital in nature.

State Prosecutor Patricia Cingtho told Buganda Road Court chief magistrate, Ms Miriam Akello Ayo on Monday that police are still investigating the case.

Gen Tumukunde did not attend court physically since court proceedings were held via video conferencing.

The Chief Magistrate said Gen Tumukunde was further remanded to Luzira prison until April 14, 2020, when the High Court judge will deliver a ruling on his bail application.

Gen Tumukunde’s lawyer, Alex Luganda, said that his client had not been allowed to see his private doctor ever since he was remanded, yet his health condition is not good.

“Although the court ordered that Gen Tumukunde should access his private doctor, this has not happened and we do not know why. The reasons are best known by the authorities,” Luganda journalists shortly after Tumukunde was remanded again. an accessible web community an accessible web community

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