Gravity To GNL Zamba: You’re More Popular In Weed & Old Women Not Music!

Gravity To GNL Zamba: You’re More Popular In Weed & Old Women Not Music! an accessible web community

By Frank Kamuntu 

Kampala: The beef between duo rappers Gravity Omutujju and GNL Zamba Nsimbi has escalated after the two hijacked social media this evening, one accusing the other of failing to grow musically.

On the latest attack via Facebook, Gravity has told off his nemesis GNL Zamba to concentrate on smoking weed and ‘getting married’ to old women to target their riches and US citizenship, which he said turned him ‘deaf’ with no capacity to analyze real from fake, good from bad.

“That’s why I don’t smoke nor booze so to keep ma mind sober n fresh like a new born. Come for consultations on Music when you’re done with your smoking,” Omutujju wrote in his Facebook hitting at GNL Zamba.

The war between the two began after GNL claimed that when he re-did the late Elly Wamala’s song ‘Ani yali amanyi’, he credited him and after realising that it was a success, Gravity Omutujju whom he referred to as ’empty tin’ also decided to use the same formula to break through by remixing the late Paul Kafeero’s ‘walumbe zaaya’ but without giving credit to the late kadongokamu singer.

“When I wrote ‘Ani Yali Amanyi’ verses and sampled the Ugandan legend Elly Wamala to bridge the gap of old and young crowds in Hiphop. It brought success and introduced Hiphop to more masses. 4 years after I had showed that the formulae worked, EMPTY TIN also got inspired and made ‘Walumbe Zaya’ sampling Job Kafeero! I was inspired by Elly, and I gave credit,” GNL said in a Facebook post on Monday.

GNL Zamba facebook post to fellow rapper Gravity Omutujju

“Does Empty tin give credit to anyone? that is why ka industry Kaffe tekakula. Ekko kumitima jabantu abamu !!!! Not letting success build upon success and respect but bickering being small minded” GNL added.

However in response, Gravity instead accused GNL of smoking too much weed that turned him ‘deaf’ to the extent that he did not hear him crediting the late Kafeero in ‘walumbe zaaya’ song.

Screenshot of Gravity’s facebook post to GNL.

“Ssebo Nsimbi:I heard u say.when u sampled elly wamala’s (R.I.P)ani yali amannyi? U credited him on the song and when I sampled paul kafero’s R.I.P) WALUMBE ZAYA (a classic) I never credited him ..Were u sober posting this?is it fear that takes over u whenever u listen to the masterpiece or is it the smoke effect that turns you deaf so u don’t hear ma credits? ?? That’s why i don’t smoke nor booze so to keep ma mind sober n fresh like a new born and put ma ear on da ground, , listen to the oppressed majority’s problems and raise them to the concerned (GOVERNMENT) #BATUJOZENYO,” he said in a Facebook post on Tuesday.

Gravity also advised GNL to stop involving him in his wars since the generations they are singing for are far different. He also asked him to concentrate on solving his marital problems with his American wife Miriam Tamar whom he referred to as a ‘husband’ to the ‘story ya Luka’ singer.

“First take cigarettes off your ears ssebo (I hear it’s a habbit) if u were looking for relevancy you could have called me nenkuwa plan..even the generation yo used to sing for are now grown n busy in worries of their dying businesses that the government closed during the pandemic. ..Mr try some other business if you had marital misunderstandings with yo HUSBAND. (go to court and get yo share) but musically you need to consultant me”Gravity posted.

However this is not the first time the two have had misunderstands in 2019 rapper Gereson Wabuyu a.k.a Gravity Omutujju attacked legendary Hiphop singer GNL Zamba saying he forced him out of Uganda when he rose onto the scene though GNL dustbined his insults. an accessible web community

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