Greedy Senior Priest Named In Land Grabbing Scandal

Greedy Senior Priest Named In Land Grabbing Scandal an accessible web community

By Andrew Irumba

A popular priest of the Church of Uganda has been named in a land grabbing scandal in Sembabule district.

Reverend Canon Herbert Tumwine, of Ntusi Archdeaconry in Sembabule district, is accused of allegedly grabbing land belonging to three legendary families.

SpyUganda has leanrt that Tumwine’s troubles started after he took over land measuring 89 acres which belongs to three families in Makoole village, Kyeera Sub-County in Sembabule.

George Ssendawula, a member of one of the affected families, alleges that Tumwine connived with the Ntuusi Sub-County Land Committee to fraudulently process titles on the disputed land without their consent.

He said “We are currently being threatened with eviction by Tumwine’s agents who also graze his cattle from our plantations and are threatening to brun down our houses.”

Joseph Ihoora, 68, also among the affected persons, accuses Tumwine of highhandedness, alleging that the heartless and greedy man of God destroyed all fences on the disputed land without even waiting for the dispute to be resolved.

He said that “The priest is currently threatening to harm me and that he has also frustrated my attempts to seek justice over my land.”
Ihoora added that “I want the West Buganda Diocesan Bishop Henry Katumba Tamale to reign over Tumwine and transfer him from the area because he has become a problem to the locals.”

However, Rev. Tumwine declined to comment about the allegations when contacted and instead switched off his mobile phone, thereby leaving many questions unanswered and his claim of ownership of the land under contention unverified.
The affected resident have revealed that they are now left with no choice apart from petitioning the West Buganda Diocese Bishop Katumba to reign on Tumwine and stop him from grabbing people’s land.

However, this is not the first time Christians are complaining about Rev. Tumwine’s controversial behaviour. It should be recalled that in 2017 Christians at Kinoni Church of Uganda protested against Tumwine because of going to church with an AK47 rifle to conduct prayers and selling off their land under dubious circumstances. an accessible web community

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