Gulu Deputy RDC Evicted For Battering Wife

Gulu Deputy RDC Evicted For Battering Wife an accessible web community

By Andrew Irumba

Gulu: The Gulu Deputy Resident District Commissioner Tonny Oree has been evicted from a house for allegedly battering his wife in the presence of students, tutors and other members of the public.

Our Spies have learnt that Tonny Oree who was staying at Gulu School of Clinical Officers, was evicted for among other reasons subjecting his wife (names withheld on request) to severe domestic violence. An eviction letter written by the School’s Principal to the Resident District Commissioner Maj. Santos Lapole on May 2nd states thus;

A year ago you requested the Institution to temporarily provide accommodation for the Deputy Resident District Commissioner RDC in Laroo until his salary arrangements are settled. He has however stayed in the premises for over a year now. The room he’s occupying is needed for the Staff Members and Students Tutors who are providing services to the Institution. Furthermore following his unacceptable behaviour of beating up and battering his wife in the presence of students and youths as well as staff whom he is supposed to be a fatherly figure, a Mentor and a keeper of the law, the Institution can therefore no longer tolerate his behaviour. I hereby request that the Deputy RDC vacates the School premises with immediate effect. Looking forward to your kind response on this matter…”

The letter is copied to the Deputy RDC Gulu, LC V Chairperson Gulu, Chairperson Governing Council and the Deputy Principal. an accessible web community an accessible web community

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