How Kikuubo Online Has Played Key Role In Curving Down Community Spread Of COVID-19

How Kikuubo Online Has Played Key Role In Curving Down Community Spread Of COVID-19 an accessible web community

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Kampala: On March 13, 2020, President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni announced the outbreak of COVID-19 Pandemic in Uganda and guided that to curb its transmission and spread, every one was now required to stay indoors. Ofcourse this hardened many things, including shopping. I mean, one had to now get used to shopping on-line, making it hard for you to reach out to your favorite supermarket physically.

However, soon or later, the Kikuubo Online made life even much easier, because now, the public actually learnt that one could still shop from his their favorite stores, at even a cheaper rate (because Kikuubo has upper bagaining powers since they buy in bigger quantities) without leaving your home. All you need is your phone and kikuubo App, you will purchase that product digitally, and in a way, you will limit unnecessary movements that can lead to the transmission of the novel coronavirus. But also, you can invest that time you use into some other gainful activity, including a health check up exercise,why not?!

The Uganda’s leading and popular “Kikuubo” Online Wholesale and Retail Shop, is where one will make an online order using his/her smartphone and get his/her products delivered at doorstep at a relatively cheaper price.

Kikuubo Online Is Your Shopping Answer

There is a whole long list of products that Kikuubo online can deliver right at your door step including; Cooking Oil, Fats, Soap, Sugar, Salt, Baking Powder, Pastas, Noodles, Spaghetti, Spices, Snacks, Biscuits, Juices, Tea, Coffee, packed Milk, Milk Powder, Flavored Milk, Sodas, Sprits, Water, Sanitary Pads, Diapers, Tissue Papers, Toilet Rolls, Tooth Pastes, Tooth Brushes, Pens, Pencils, Exercise books, all stationary related products, Shoe Care Products, Plastic Cups, Plates, Basins, Disposables and so much more. So why not download that App and make that call today?

Some Of The Products You Can Order From Kikuubo Online Shop

Kikuubo Online, a comprehensive Online Wholesale and Retail Company decided to bring Kikuubo closer to you at the tap of your phone button. All you have to do is to download the Kikuubo Online App from the google play store and also on the App store for Apple users, then #Tap2Stock and with that, all your stocking up problems will be solved.

Make Your Order You Get Served Quickly With The Leading Online Shop

Shop owners and shopkeepers do not have to worry about leaving their businesses unattended to or closed to run up and down, looking for best prices and losing valuable time in the process since Kikuubo Online offers very competitive prices and stocks over 2000 plus items.

You can trust Kikuubo Online to help grow your business as they deliver the products that you need at your duuka/mini supermarket/Supermarket/retail shop at the best wholesale prices with their delivery trucks and tricycles regardless of the current situation of curfew.

Another uniqueness with Kikuubo Online is that, it is able to deliver the goods you ordered for within 24 hours if your with in Kampala and Metropolitan area, with hope to scale up operations to the rest of the country. an accessible web community

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