‘I Shall Punish Those Crooks Hiking Food Prices Due To Corona Virus’-President Museveni

‘I Shall Punish Those Crooks Hiking Food Prices Due To Corona Virus’-President Museveni

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By Spy Uganda

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has threatened to punish all traders in Kampala who he referred to as crooks for hiking commodity prices during the current Coronavirus outbreak.

Museveni revealed this on Tuesday afternoon during his fourth national address about Coronavirus, during which he revealed that he is going to send spies shops who will identify all traders hiking food prices, whose licenses he said shall be cancelled.

He said that “Those crooks hiking prices of food, I’m going to send spies to see and if you’re caught I will have your license cancelled. If not we shall use NRM cadres to ferry food from the villages and sell it to our people such that we do away with these crooks.”

The President also noted that; “All you need is to keep proper hygiene. Wash your hands with soap. The local soap you have. I am going to talk to these people of National Water and Sewerage Corporation about the water prices. We shall be having a cabinet meeting tomorrow and we shall discuss this. I’m happy that we’re fighting this disease instead of hearing from others. The first victim’s temperature has come down and his appetite is coming back. His red eyes are clearing too. I spoke directly to the doctor attending to him.”

He also warned people escaping from and those dodging quarantine by saying that “The people who try to escape and hide are endangering themselves unnecessarily, this disease can be treated like I told you in the first broadcast, it is not as fatal as Ebola.

 He also noted that since most of the infected people are Ugandans who recently returned from Dubai, if he had closed the borders and airport early enough, perhaps even these few infected cases would have been avoided.

About banning the usage of public transport, Museveni said that “We are still studying the matter to see how it can be handled. Let’s wait and see. But for the time being don’t allow anyone coughing or sneezing to enter your car or offices.  We are even considering reviving the production of bicycles at factories like Roadmaster. If we had enough bicycles in the city I would have banned the use of public vehicles.”

The  Presidential Address came hours after the Ministry of Health announced that 8 new cases of Coronavirus had been registered, bringing the number of infected people to 9, after the first one who was recorded on Sunday.

Meanwhile, there are several people among them foreigners and  Ugandans who are still in quarantine and waiting for results of Coronavirus tests that were conducted on them.   

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