I will Eat You Like Samosa: Kayihura Warns  Police Officers Trading Police Secrets To Tumukunde

I will Eat You Like Samosa: Kayihura Warns Police Officers Trading Police Secrets To Tumukunde

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By Ronaldo Nagye

The Inspector General of Police, Gen.Kale Kayihura has come out to attack police officers who trade vital information to other security agencies that put the force into tenterhooks. This latest development has further exposed the rift between Gen.Kale Kayihura and Security Minister Lt.Gen. Henry Tumukunde over security matters. Kayihura has now given a stern warning to any officer found giving Intelligence information that will be punished severely.

Copy of Letter written by IGP.

In a message to all heads of units, departments and directors dated February 21,2018, Gen Kayihura expressed concern that of recent many police officers have been involved in giving information to various sister security agencies without authorization.

“It has been established that police officers conspire on their own or are summoned by sister security agencies and divulge information without official authorization, such acts  not only undermine the authority of the force but also contravene the disciplinary code of conduct and the oath of secrecy that officers swear to abide with.

“All directors, heads of department and unit commanders should ensure strict compliance to this circular instruction. Disciplinary action shall be taken against all of those involved in such acts,”Kayihura warned.

Since this year begun, ISO and Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) have been arresting some of Kayihura’s blue eyed boys like Abudallah Kitatta and his 2010 Association members for suspected murder of a Case Hospital accountant Francis Ekalungar.

Security agencies have gone ahead to also arrest Kayihura’s men in uniform such as SSP Nixon who are currently being tried in court Martial.

This week, the minister for Justice and constitutional affairs Gen Kahinda Otafiire asked the two generals to sit down and settle their differences.

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