Juliet Kinyamatama’s Speakership Bid Sets Kadaga Into Another Level Of Panic

Juliet Kinyamatama’s Speakership Bid Sets Kadaga Into Another Level Of Panic

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By Spy Uganda

Kampala: Having been the only female contestant in the race of the 11th Parliament speaker, Rebeca Alitwala Kadaga had hope that she will scoop most of the female votes from the house, but as we report this, she might be sitting on a hot stone following Rakai District Woman MP, Ms Juliet Kinyamatama’s declaration of interest in the same seat.

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Last week Kinyamatama declared that she comes to contest against current speaker Kadaga accusing her of being a leader who is not transparent with no accountability to Ugandans.

“A lot has been missing in our parliament like transparency and accountability. Ugandans should be involved in the legislative process and not only feel we are working during budget reading,” said Kinyamatama.

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Kinyamatama said that she is looking to represent the interests of the youths who have been left behind saying that the current speaker favored so much her agemates than other age groups.

This means the speakership race has grown to five contestants; Rebecca Kadaga (incumbent), her deputy Jacob Oulanyah and Kira Municipality MP, Ibrahim Ssemujju who doubles as Opposition chief whip in the House, Democratic Party (DP)s Richard Sebamala. and finally Juliet Kinyamatama.

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The contestation of the above firebrands pumps more pressure into the incumbent Kadaga who has since received a couple of warnings from President Museveni dubbed NRM party chairman from involving his supreme name in her dirty politics and cautioned her from accrediting her self for the nursing of the constitution that saw Museveni coming back on the ballot paper in the recently concluded polls.

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He warned, “If you say you helped me push the age limit bill, you are wrong. Nankabirwa had convinced me she was a good mobilizer in parliament and I was ready to go for a referendum.”

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