Kadaga calls for enforcement of laws against plastics

Kadaga calls for enforcement of laws against plastics

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By Samuel Opio

In 2018, parliament passed the National Environment Bill 2017 banning polythene bags below 30 microns following a recommendation from the Committee on Natural Resources.

MP, Hon. Samson Lokeris, advised that Government should create a distinction between plastics that can be recycled locally and those that should be banned in a bid to check on the delay to institute a polyethene free country.

However, no law has been effected since it was passed.

On Thursday, the chief guest during the earth hour march against plastic, Rt. Hon. Rebecca Kadaga Kadaga the speaker of Parliament of Uganda said the country should move to act very seriously even after the government put a ban against use of polythene below 30 microns that hasn’t run smoothly.

She urged the young generation to mind about the environment they live in and protect it from plastic pollution.

“Today we’ve got our children who should grow up in a better society with and be able to assist us in implementing our laws, and grow up aware of the dangers of plastic, and ensure we have the right disposal methods and right items to use.”

She also noted that it is unfortunate that much of the information concerning plastics is global statistics that cannot be applied locally and hence a need for locally made research that can help in policy formulation and decision making.

“I want to challenge the Ugandan agencies charged with the protection of our environment to carry out country—based studies on plastics so as to come up with facts that will help us in policy formulation and decision making.” She noted.

The walk which covered four kilometres from the City Square to Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) grounds Lugogo was organized by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF).

In her speech she also appreciated the WWF officials and youths for this noble cause and encouraged them to spearhead the fight as the government supports them.

“I appreciate everyone here and urge you to fight tirelessly and conserve the environment. We will not sit back on this matter of saving the environment,” Kadaga said adding that parliament will render a hand to see that the law is enforced right from the Ministry of Water and Environment under the National environment Management Authority,

According to the WWF Director, David Duli, pollution has become a great challenge in Uganda and the world at large and there is little effort to towards checking increased plastic and Kaveera pollution, “But today it is our time to fight hard,” he added

“Everywhere you move, there are plastics and polythene bags dumped and this has caused a great risk to our soils, water and the aquatic animals. The littering is especially from the city to drainage channels and beaches,’ Duli urged.

He added that this has threatened the future of our country and the generation to come.

“Although doctors have played their roles of treating Ugandans and sensitizing them against pollution, many diseases have sprung up such as cancer that swept our great diplomat Gen. Benon Biraro .” He said

The Executive Director Youth Live Uganda, James Byarugaba said, “Ugandans have to embark on the climate change and stop being selfish and negligent about our lives and the future generation.”

He urged Ugandans should always carry usable bottles only to cub plastics in the country. “In this fight we are not against businessmen but on the betterment of Uganda.” He said

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