Kyadondo East MP Muwada Nkunyingi Spends Night Freezing On Dubai Streets With Stranded Ugandans Whose Money Was Swindled In Fake Jobs

Kyadondo East MP Muwada Nkunyingi Spends Night Freezing On Dubai Streets With Stranded Ugandans Whose Money Was Swindled In Fake Jobs an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda

Kampala: Kyadondo East Member of Parliament, Hon. Muwada Nkunyingi has revealed that he spent a night on the streets of Dubai with several stranded Ugandans whose money was swindled after being promised fake jobs moreover with short visas.

”l spent Wednesday night on Dubai streets with stranded Ugandans sleeping daily in open spaces,grass & streets. There’s one special lady I found sitting on the chair at Union Metro Station.She told me she stays awake to offer protection to them” Nkunyingi revealed.

Nkunyingi, who is the shadow minister of Foreign Affairs arrived in Dubai after attending the recently concluded National Unity Platform (NUP) Diaspora Conference in California where his party president,  Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine was the guest of honor.

Nkunyingi further revealed that the majority of Ugandans claim they were defrauded by Uganda External recruitment companies, falsely promised jobs, and dropped on the streets of Dubai and United Arab Emirates with short visas which expire before getting jobs.

“Each day of expired visa attracts heavy fines and renewing requires equal payment. These youths have no coin even for personal survival. It’s a tragedy, some of these are stranded maids and claim they were chased by agents after arrival in UAE deceived of jobs and the same agents confiscate passports demanding a huge ransom to release passports,” he revealed.

According to him, many stranded young girls end up in prostitution as the only way of survival after being left with no choice.

“The Uganda embassy claims it lacks the necessary resources to rescue these Ugandans and claims that many times it relies on well-wishers, and even for those in detention, the embassy claimed to largely rely on among others UAE government seasonal offers for stranded noncitizens plus seasonal UAE pardon which is mostly granted in Ramadhan and Eid times.Embassy claim they lack funding to offer full legal support to the detained. I learnt several arrive or are trafficked &delivered to UAE by Uganda recruitment companies,” he added.

According to Nkunyingi, the Uganda Embassy established one reception centre for the stranded but it can’t handle even a quarter of the accomodations & feeding needs of the thousands of Ugandan youth stranded in UAE.
”I noted from testimonies that some of the stranded Ugandans want assistance to return home and some want assistance to normalize their legal status with a possibility of securing alternative employment. Those insisting to remain amidst being stranded on streets claim they have no hope of alternative survival back home in uganda. Some claim to have left uganda after selling even the little they had to meet charges of external labor recruitment companies and air tickets” he noted. an accessible web community

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