Lohana Community Of Kampala Uganda Launches New Community Investment

Lohana Community Of Kampala Uganda Launches New Community Investment

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By Andrew Irumba

The Lohana Community in Uganda has embarked on a mission set up to a Community Investment project by constructing a commercial plaza in Kampala.

The artistic impression for the proposed Lohana Community Complex

Spy Uganda has learnt that the Lohana Community has finalised plans to construct a massive business complex along Lugogo Bypass near  Nanjing Restaurant, which will house businesses for members of the Lohana Community and other entrepreneurs in Uganda, both local and foreign.

We have been informed that the Community Investment project is one of the ways the Lohana Community aims at using to expand their connection and business presence in Uganda.

The Ground Breaking ceremony for the project code-named ‘Lohana Lugogo Complex’, is slated for Sunday February 2, 2020, on Plot 56-58A, starting 10:00Am and the event is expected to be attended by the business community in Uganda.

The Lohana Community is known  for setting various business ventures all over the country, although in Uganda they are famously known for being the proprietors of Lohana Schools.

According to their website, the Lohana Community contends that; “Our aim is to unite all fellow Lohana Community members in Uganda in celebrating our community and its various cultural festivals. 

Furthermore the mission of the Lohana community of Uganda is to promote welfare of it members and Local communities in Uganda through Education  Health care. 

Finally it is also the mission of this community to preserve its rich culture and heritage so that it can provide a deep sense of belonging to the future generations of Lohana’s.”

It should be noted that the Ruparelia Family and their associates are members of the Lohana family.

Indeed, many of tycoon Sudhir Ruparelia’s  family members including his wife Joystna Ruparelia and others sit on the Executive Committee of the Lohana Community.

The Lohana’s originated from a warrior tribe thousands of years ago around what today is Afghanistan, thus their confidence to lead, and appetite to explore the world has been undying and for this reason many Lohana families have made Uganda their Home 100’s of years ago. 

Two of the first documented Notable families who first migrated to Uganda in the early 1900’s were the Nanji Kalidas Mehta Family and MuljiBhai Madhvani family, both families till to date run successful business and within Uganda.

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