Looking For Charming Flowers? Rush To Premier Roses & Be Served The Best

Looking For Charming Flowers? Rush To Premier Roses & Be Served The Best

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By Spy Uganda

Wakiso, Entebbe: Since COVID-19 pandemic has called for a lockdown that has seen a couple of mummys sit back home, TheSpy Uganda belives that they are highly in need of a flourished decoration in their sitting rooms or even at their apartments with flowers that are unique in look and corporate in nature.

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It is against that background that we introduce to you Premier Roses Ltd in Uganda, East Africa that specializes in the production of cut roses for not only local consumption but also for export hence boosting the nation’s economy.

The company employs ongoing programs, which enable the improvement of quality flowers due to the favourable weather conditions, the company is able to consistently produce over 12 million rose stems every month, all with the same high quality.

Based in Entebbe, Premier Roses Ltd is the largest exporter of flowers in Uganda and commands around 40% of all the country’s raised exports under its objective of achieving the highest standards of Good Agricultural Produce (GAP), environmental conservation, reduced use of agrochemicals and improved efficiency in the use of natural resources.

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The company’s greenhouses are irrigated by a modern, automated water-pumping unit, which feeds the fully computerized hydroponics systems.

According to Premier Roses Ltd, the following categories of roses are produced: Sweetheart Roses; Valentino (dark red), Viva (bright yellow), Chelsea (orange), Red Calypso (bright red), Meera (champagne), Akito (white).

Others are; Blushing Akito (pink), Raspberry King (dark red), Jambo (bright red) and Intermediate Roses; Ace Pink (pink), Bella Rose (pink), Sunny Star (yellow), Furiosa (dark red), Tropical Amazone (orange), Banjo (pink), Labelle (peach), Soraya (yellow), Athena (white).

“At Premier Roses we aren’t just farmers, we are a company of innovators. Our vibrant colour roses are pleasant to the eye and are unmistakably unique with a 7-day vase life guarantee at the customer point. Our attention to detail, unwavering quality control, and forward-thinking efforts in environmental sustainability makes us stand out from the crowd,” a staff revealed about the company. Why not rush to Premier Roses and secure yourself a full decoration package and keep your home charming!!!!! 

Accessdome.com: an accessible web community

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