Makerere University Suspends Guild Elections After Deadly Campaign

Makerere University Suspends Guild Elections After Deadly Campaign an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda

Makerere University Council has announced the suspension of 88th Students Guild leadership and this year’s hotly contested elections.

The Guild Electoral Commission had organized Friday 15th July as a voting day for Makerere university students to choose their leaders for the new Guild Government.

The suspension has been announced via a notice issued by the chairperson of Makerere University Council, Lorna Magara in a letter she addressed to the University Vice-chancellor where she cited several chaotic incidents associated with guild campaigns.

She inks, “Makerere University Council is appalled by the violent events that have characterized the electoral campaigns for the 88th Students Guild leadership, which resulted in the loss of the life of one of the young people participating in the campaign activities.”

She adds, “The University Management and Council have repeatedly raised concerns about the persistent cases of indiscipline and violent altercations among members of the Students Guild and the Students Senior Common Room, which often resulted in damage to University property and injury to University Students and staff.”

“Management and the Council have repeatedly engaged the Student leaders at the Guild and SCR levels to address the violent behavior, but the engagements have not yielded any improvements,’’ Magara further states adding, “The ongoing elections for the 88th Makerere University Students Guild leadership are suspended indefinitely.”

The Council has also suspended with immediate effect the guild leadership and this suspension includes the Guild Care Taker Government and the Students Common Room too.

”Management shall investigate all cases of violence in the electoral campaigns for the 88th Students Guild leadership and report to the Council for appropriate action,” says Magara adding, ”The Council will convene in an emergency meeting on Friday 15th July 2022 to consider further actions to address student indiscipline and violence at the University.” an accessible web community

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