Makeup Store To Cause Running Nose To Competitors With New Lease Of Life In Cosmetic Industry In Kampala!

Makeup Store To Cause Running Nose To Competitors With New Lease Of Life In Cosmetic Industry In Kampala! an accessible web community

By Benjamen Emuk

Hey Kampala’s beautiful and trendy Ladies! I guess this is what you’ve been waiting for, it’s finally here!

Sleek, chic and contemporary, Make up store presents a completely new experience in the heart of Kampala.

The store, whose products are more affordable than its competitors in the market, appears to have changed the cosmetic industry in the city.

With affordable prices for their products and services such as Natural foundations, non stainless lipsticks, powders, lip glosses, mascara, blush, eye shadows, and cancellers, among others, the store has successfully branded itself as the most ideal place for skin care cosmetics and products for skin care treatment needs such as Hair utilities, Makeup packages, Spa treatments, Activators, Cleansers and Emulsifiers, among others.

A short walk from Bombo road, the beautifully decorated and well stocked store is set in a strategic location – just at Equatorial shopping mall, level 2 Shop 272

Excellent customer service and value for money are at the heart of what the store does. The store offers elegant, affordable and original quality beauty products imported from Sweden direct to Uganda to give the customers the beautiful look they deserve.

Aside from skin care products, to customers, they also offer services such as personal and professional make up lessons, Bridal make up, Casual makeup, Editorial make up, Party make up, and so on.

Make up store products are hydroquinone free as People who use hydroquinone to lighten their skins are affected by hyper pigmentation, freckles, melisma and age spots.

Hydroquinone has also been linked with ochronosis, a medical condition in humans which causes skin darkening and disfiguration, when it is applied topically.

Make up store products are 100% made up of fruits like lemons, carrots, oranges and other supplements like honey. They are fully organic with a nice scent that won’t cause any allergy.

This means the products don’t bleach at all, but rather some products can light up your skin where necessary.

Some of the products an accessible web community

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