Mbuga Loses Wedding Ring In Just Weeks

Mbuga Loses Wedding Ring In Just Weeks

Guests who attended the flashy wedding of Sangoma Sulaiman Kabangala (SK) Mbuga have been taken aback after the flamboyant young tycoon appeared in public without the ring on his finger.

Mbuga had attended the Arab Money Party with his newly wedded wife, Vivienne Birungi, but to the shock of the partiers, majority of whom attended the couple’s wedding, Mbuga’s ring was nowhere to be seen. “Its players who don’t want to wear their wedding rings. If Mbuga has no playing intentions, why shy away from putting the ring on his finger?” a chubby woman who had attended the Arab Money party wondered.

“One also wonders if the two sleep in the same house, because how can Vivienne fail to notice that her hubby had not ‘ringfenced’!” Another one commented. key connectify hotspot 2017

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