MC Mariach To Squeeze Love & Laughter Out Of   Abasheeshe During Valentine’s Season

MC Mariach To Squeeze Love & Laughter Out Of Abasheeshe During Valentine’s Season an accessible web community

By Michael Atwakiire      

 Sheema: Uganda’s star  comedian Mc Mariachi is set to squeeze out the ever available laughter and love feelings of the Abasheeshe, during this year’s Valentine’s season at Senevin Gardens Kabwohe, in Sheema Municipality.

Elia Natuhwera, the General Manager Senevin Gardens Kabwohe, said during a presser  this week that being the first time for Sheema district to host the celebrated comedian who will perform on February 23, 2020, they have started preparations as early as possible.

 He revealed however that he is disappointed with some promoters who are only after money and  don’t think about someone’s business .

Elia Natuhwera, the GM Senevin Gardens talking to our reporter

“Last year on November 15th ,  we agreed with a certain promoter who was under the comedy setup that he would bring super comedians like Tr Mpamire , Mc Mariachi, Crazy University and some artistes. Because of the trust  we had in him, we didn’t pressurize him. 

However, he disappointed us at the last moment, at around 11:09PM when people had already entered the venue; he told us that the  long-awaited comedians weren’t coming.”

The luxurious Senevin Gardens Hotel

He added that ” I had nothing else to do apart from apologizing to the public because that promoter who used to be our friend, on that day told us that Mariachi and Mpamire had left Kampala at 6:00pm  and  he  excepted them to reach hit at 10:00PM but they had changed bookings.”

Natuhwera noted  that “Wise people learn from their mistakes  and management, we made sure that we physically reach Mc Mariachi,  Madrat and Chiko, Mawulana and Reign, Jaja Bruce and others to confirm that they will be ready.

 We even signed a Memorandum of Understandings as a sign of confirming their presence, so as to erase bad reputation the errant promoter had brought upon us.”

He revealed that “For so many years , Sheema district and municipality have been behind  in the field of entertainment. However, that notion has since changed  started ever since Senevin Gardens hotel was opened two  years ago.

We have changed the face of entertainment in Sheena by  hiring big-name entertainers who had never performed in our area like Sheebah Karungi , Amooti Omubaranguzi, John Black and others.” an accessible web community

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