‘Middle man’ Umeme  To Exit Uganda After 25 Yrs Of ‘National-Dethoothing Deal’!

‘Middle man’ Umeme To Exit Uganda After 25 Yrs Of ‘National-Dethoothing Deal’!

By Spy Uganda

Umeme Uganda has confirmed it will be pulling out of the Ugandan market when its 20-year concession from the Government of Uganda expires come 30th March 2025.

This has been revealed in a statement released today, stating it has received official communication from the Government that its 20-year concession will not be renewed when it expires three years from now.

“The Company has received official communication from the Government of the Republic of Uganda, notifying it that the current concession will continue to run until its natural end in March, 2025 as stipulated in the Concession Agreements after which, there will be no renewal,” the statement read in part.

The communications manager at the Energy Ministry, Solomon Muyita, told the press recently that Government is planning to name a multi-sectoral committee that shall oversee the auditing process of Umeme’s investments and assets.

Part of the reasons for Government to end the Umeme concession have been high electricity tariffs.

“Government decided to bundle electricity agencies which is in the context of forming one company that will provide cheaper electricity,” Muyita said.

President Museveni recently condemned some Government officials who ‘misadvised’ Government and allowed Umeme to work as a middle man between the generation company and the final consumer, which resulted into high prices to consumers.

Watch Video Museveni Casting Umeme; Courtesy Of NBS TV

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