Min. Kamuntu Outlines Qualities Of Leaders Fit For 2021 General Elections

Min. Kamuntu Outlines Qualities Of Leaders Fit For 2021 General Elections

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By Micheal Atwakiire

Sheema: Cabinet Minister for Justice and Constitutional Affairs Prof. Ephraim Kamuntu has warned politicians who don’t treat COVID-19 as a threat instead use it to gain cheap popularity.

Kamuntu revealed this yesterday while commissioning piped water projects in Kyarugome and Buraro wards in Kitagata greater, where he noted that it’s annoying for some politicians who donate 4Kgs of maize flour instead of donating COVID-19 protective equipments to resist the transmission of the virus.

“Let me ask you, maize is grown in villages, all towns get food from villages, now why should a politician con you with mere food which you can grow yourself?” Kamuntu asked.

Kamuntu added, “Those are real politicians of no vision, such people just aim at generating cheap popularity which of course contribute nothing towards the end of COVID-19”.


Minister Kamuntu Ephraim Commissioning Water Project At Buraro Ward Kyarugome Primary School.

Hon. Minister advised that it wound sound meaningful if such politicians can learn to donate with an aim of combating the virus for example by donating face masks, sanitizers, gloves and other protective equipments.

“Stand warned, As we match into a political season, some politicians will come rushing, avoid such people because their speed may knock you, remember that easy come, easy go as baganda say ‘buggubugu simuliro’, therefore go slow with such politicians.” Kamuntu advised.

Minister further advised voters that some politicians use leadership as a source of income and employment opportunity saying that such people should not be entrusted with leadership since they are very dangerous towards country’s development.

“Politicians who come in leadership with an aim to milk our economy, can’t deliver any resourceful service like electricity, water and roads because they will have to first serve their greedy families and settle their personal problems” Kamuntu said.

Minister Kamuntu is virtually known in Sheema South for his most efficient services through women groups like Mugondo Women Group Association (MWGA) on addition of electricity and water supply covering over 78% of villages.

Accessdome.com: an accessible web community

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