Mind Your Business: Netizens ‘Slaughter’ Concerned Muslim After Threatening To Sue Capital Shoppers For Selling ‘Halal’ Pork Sausages

Mind Your Business: Netizens ‘Slaughter’ Concerned Muslim After Threatening To Sue Capital Shoppers For Selling ‘Halal’ Pork Sausages

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By Spy Uganda

Kampala: A long time veteran journalist and concerned Muslim Kassim Kayira is on cross fire after he threatened via his Facebook page yesterday to sue Capital Shoppers Limited, a Ugandan supermarket chain for selling pork sausages branded with ‘Halal’.

Kassim who sounded aggrieved towards Capital Shoppers’ business, cautioned Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS), a government agency established by an Act of Parliament of Uganda, under the Ministry of Trade Industry & Co-operatives established by the UNBS Act Cap 327, for not acting responsibly as a regulatory body, when they okayed the selling of the same.

Capital shoppers be notified that we are taking you to court for selling ‘Halal’ Pork sausages. Shame on you. And the Uganda national bureau of standards, UNBS approved this?” Kayira posted.

However, soon after he shared his post, netizens like MAK’s renowned academician Mwambusya Ndebesa fired him back, even before UNBS and Capital Shoppers could respond. You don’t wanna miss these comments, do you?!

See Comments;

Mwambutsya Ndebesa:I would support your case to go to court if the pork was not labelled. Now I see pork served in hotels, are u also going to boycott hotels? Moslems disapprove taking alcohol also and there is a group of Balokole who disapprove taking alcohol also, are they also going to go to court because alcohol is sold in some supper markets?”

Vicent:Uganda is not an Islamic State. We need to also take those terrorists who sell Entalabusi and Obukaaya alongside streets. That’s what makes your satanic religion not to grow i.e it’s ever upcoming. It’s because of your intolerance!. So discriminative. USA is right. Your Islamic countries will never get peace. They will keep killing u until the end of this world. What a disgrace.”

Gichuhi Mungai:The stupidity that is a religion you would rather kill an enterprise employing real ppl for un imaginary assumption of belief. What a load of crap.”

Prince Mike Munyaneza:Hello my good Prof, and Sheikh. Now, this is super! But Kasim going by your last paragraph the Muslims are excluded from this delicacy by faith irrespective of who slaughtered. Now on the hilal mark its again a sign of quality assurance to Muslims rather than a standards measure to public consumption of meat. Can you probably restrict your taste and choice to the meat that you are safe and allowed by your faith.”

Otai Deogracious Peter: Bwahahahhahhahahhaahhaahahahaa. When did moslems begin cutting pigs?”

Yuliana Namubiru:But not all sausages are made from pork. Middle Eastern and North Africans eat sausages too and they are NOT pork sausages”

Kalikwani Dennis:Tadeus Kitandwe religious laws vary countrywide. Uganda is not new to amendments. I guess halal has a different meaning under the capital shoppers roof. but I suspect their graphics designer must have copied foolishly and no one was keen to check the artwork. Hajji Kassim Kayira now that places of worship are open tubasomere duwa.”

JJ Mugabe:Why not buy what u want u leave what u don’t for those who want.”

Daniel Tumwine:Ok, let me get this straight, I start my butchery business. I name it “Halal”. In this butchery business, I sell pork. I strike a deal with Capital Shoppers to sell pork in their supermarket. Then, one morning a random person decides it’s not OK for Capital Shoppers to sell my products and calls on others to boycott my products. Have I understood properly?”

Omugurusi Kagurusi:No one forces you to shop in capital shoppers, try elsewhere Uganda is a secular republic, opium of mind(religion fanatics) won’t be entertained. Attached to NOTHING connected to EVERYTHING. …and remember GOD FOR US ALL.”

By the time we went to the press Capital Shoppers hadn’t released a statement on the same.

Accessdome.com: an accessible web community

Accessdome.com: an accessible web community

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