Minister Tumwesigye Fires Back: “What You Said Is Absolutely Nonsense, But Enough Is Enough!”

Minister Tumwesigye Fires Back: “What You Said Is Absolutely Nonsense, But Enough Is Enough!” an accessible web community an accessible web community

By Micheal Atwakiire

Sheema: Minister for Science, Technology and Innovations Dr. Elioda Tumwesigye, has finally spoken out about allegations that he sabotaged a tax waiver for a church in his constituency.

Last week, Eng. Richard Muhangi, a stakeholder in Rwabutura Church of Uganda, in Sheema municipality, wrote on various Sheema district social media platforms accusing Tumwesigye of allegedly sabotaging a tax waiver from finance minister Matia Kasaijja to their church (Rwabutura COU), which erecting a new structure.

But in his response Tumwesigye termed Muhangi’s allegations as ‘nonsense’ and demanded a public apology, or else he is ready to drag him to court for defamation.

Tumwesigye said that “Richard Bigirwa Muhangi posted on various social media plaforms and Counsel Oine Ronald and Isac Santos among others re-posted the same on other plaforms that I sabotaged the tax waiver of 51 Million on roofing Rwabutura C.O.U. That he met with Minister of Finance Hon Matiya Kasaija and the WAIVER WAS GRANTED That as he Richard followed up, he received information from someone sent by Minister of Finance Hon. Matia Kasaija that I went and told him to disregard/delay offering them a waiver.”

He added ” I was amazed by those who believed Richard’s missive and my Heart goes to those who not only believed but also posted many more crimes Dr Elioda has committed. Those who know me well know that I cant do such crap, know that I dont have time for negative energy, that I am not a malicious or envious person that I can never stiffle a developmental project in our area even if it was brought or implemented by my political opponent.

Richard if I was so mailicious as you and some others would like the World to believe, you would have heard that in my position as Cabinet Minister I am complaining to the Minister of Water or the Board or Management of NWSC about your numerous wrong postings and actions against me etc but because I am a true Christian who never wants anybody to feel unhappy because of me, I spent over 100M of borrowed money to a selfless cause known to you.

Who in our area can easily do such? Then really how can I go to Hon Kasaija not to ask for money for my Ministry or to lobby for funding of a project in my area but to sabotage tax waiver in my area. Richard, what you said IS A NAKED LIE AND ABSOLUTE NONSENSE. IT IS INDEED AN INSULT TO ME. IT IS ONE OF THE MANY AND ENDLESS STATEMENTS/POSTINGS BY YOU RICHARD AND YOUR COHORT INTENDED TO ” Tumwesigye also vowed to sue Muhangi if he doesn’t apologize publicly.

He stated that “I have ignored most of the past postings but with this one Richard you have taxed my endurance too heavily , therefore I demand unequivocal public apology from my brother Richard posted on various social media platforms within the shortest time possible. I believe we can turn a challenge into an opportunity for the people of Rwabutura and beyond. If he refuses and remains intransigent, I will have no alternative but to say Enough is Enough!” an accessible web community an accessible web community

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