Ministry of Health To Commemorate  World Premature Day

Ministry of Health To Commemorate World Premature Day

By Peter Sebulime

 Kampala: Premature births are still a public threat leading to silent deaths and its associated problems globally, according to the ministry of health. 

This was disclosed by the minister of state for Primary Health Care Dr. Joyce Moriku Kaducu, on Tuesday morning at the ministry of health headquarters  in Wandegeya, Kampala.

 The minister was delivering her remarks ahead of commemorations for the  world Premature day to be held tomorrow November 20, 2019, at Busia Masafu hospital grounds under the theme, “Providing the Right Care, at the Right Time, in the Right Place”.

Minister Kaducu said that “In Uganda, 14 out of 100 babies are born preterm and complications of premature births account for 29% of neonatal deaths whereby up to 75% of these deaths are preventable with affordable solutions.”

She added that “The World Premature day helps strengthen global solutions to address the needs of over 15 million preterm babies born each year, whereby complications of premature are the leading cause of deaths in children under five years, with over 1 million deaths every year, and many survivors face a life time of disability, including learning disabilities, visual and hearing problems.”

Meanwhile Kaducu, lashed out at NBS television over misleading the public due to a recent story they aired indicating that the vaccines used to immunize polio, Rubella, and Measles in the just recent concluded mass immunization campaign have side effects.

However,  NBS  TV management has since apologized for the story. an accessible web community

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