Mitooma RDC Guma Nuwagaba Crosses To FDC!

Mitooma RDC Guma Nuwagaba Crosses To FDC! an accessible web community

By Micheal Bitunga

The best performing RDC of the 2012, currently serving as the Mitooma District RDC Mr Guma Nuwagaba Betikura has on Tuesday 19th September joined NRM rival Forum for Democratic change (FDC) party and immediately nominated as its flag bearer candidate contesting for MP Sheema North constituency in the forthcoming by-election slated for 8th October 2018.

Mr Guma explained why he decided to join FDC saying that he was heavily tortured together with his supporters by the people of his very own party in the recent NRM primaries which took place on 13th September where he came in second position and that nobody from government helped him even when he appealed to them.

“I was heavily tortured together with my supporters by the hooligans of Naome Kibaaju, I appealed everywhere, police, office of the President H.E Museveni, Minister for security General Elly Tumwiine and many others but nothing came out,” he said.

He said that what scared him most was hearing them saying that they became merciful to him when they were beating him because he was on NRM ticket, that but if he had come independent, they would just chop off his little head. 

“Remember one day before NRM primary elections, my wife received a private call and she was told ‘if you still love your husband, tell him to sleep where he is right now otherwise he will be killed tonight’. I decided to sleep in prison without any case because I asked for security from DPC and RDC Sheema district Mr Mukiza Henry and Willy Turyamubona respectively but they refused totally,” he said.

Miss Naome Kibaaju who won the NRM primary elections was also nominated today at 11am on the NRM ticket and she thanked Sheema North constituency people for trusting her. 

The National Electoral commissioner Hon Steven Tashobya warned the already nominated candidates to avoid crushes during campaigns and banned convoys and processions before and after campaigns, he said that whoever disobeys the law will be handled with ‘metallic’ hand. an accessible web community

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