Muntu, New Formation Members Discuss ‘Party’ Constitution

Muntu, New Formation Members Discuss ‘Party’ Constitution an accessible web community

By Denis Turyahebwa

A month to the December deadline of unveiling a political party, former Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party president, (Rtd)Maj. Gen. Gregory Mugisha Muntu, has met over 200 political mobilisers, to debate the constitution for the proposed new party.

During the meeting at Sharing Hall, Nsambya on Thursday, Muntu urged mobilisers, who were drawn from various regions across the country, to ensure that the new political path they have decided to take is substantively different from the processes that exiting parties used to take shape.

“We have met here today for the purpose of forming a new party. It is not a break-off from the existing one but a new party all together. In this party, there will be no sense of entitlement. This is a value based party, which views political power as not an end in itself.  It will be a party based on country above self because sustainable leadership can only be sustained through institutional and not personalised leadership,” he said.

The Thursday morning meeting of promoters of the New Formation was convened by former FDC secretary general, Alice Alaso.

“This process is tailored to enable us have an in-depth look at the constitution that will govern the political party for a long time. The brands you propose today will give us an instant identity and must hopefully speak into the vision for the party’s existence,” she said.

In September, Muntu launched the New Formation at Hotel Africana, saying it will be platform through which he will share ideas that would culminate into a new party before December 25.

However, in his address to promoters and supporters at Sharing Hall, he warned his group about the rocky journey ahead.

“I know this is not going to be easy. We have faced hurdles to reach where we are, and there many hurdles ahead. This calls for focus. There will be a time when building a value-based party will become boring, but remain and stay focused. We will unveil to Ugandans a house built on rock,” he said.

The supporters are expected to debate the party colours, brand and name and make recommendations to the working committee.

Majority of the supporters, including Wandera Ogalo and Dan Mugarura, who convened at Sharing Hall, are former FDC party members. an accessible web community

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