Muntu’s ANT Is An NGO – Tanga Odoi

Muntu’s ANT Is An NGO – Tanga Odoi an accessible web community

By Hanning Mbabazi

Kampala: The Chairman of the National Resistance Movement Electoral Commission, Dr. Tanga Odoi, has scoffed at the recently launched Alliance for National Transformation of Gen Mugisha Muntu.

Tanga Odoi was this morning releasing the road map for the Party primaries in the forthcoming Nebbi district chairperson and other lower positions where he described Muntu’s new party as a ‘Cosmetic Non-Government Organization (NGO) that cannot conquer power. He  said that Alliance for National Transformation (ANT) is a mere filler that cannot threaten NRM. “As People Power is fizzling out, NRM is gaining strength after strength. There is also a Non-Government Organization which has also come up called ANT. That cosmetic party will wait for more years. ANT, the behavior of their leaders, they’re very good leaders, they’re like leaders of NGO, we wish them well as NRM but they will wait longer to capture power,” Odoi said.

The Nebbi District Chairperson seat fell vacant last September after Esrom William, the then district chairperson perished in an accident. General Mugisha Muntu launched the ANT party last week after breaking ways from Forum for Democratic Change and advised well-meaning Ugandans to come out and participate in the politics of the day. Muntu noted that until today, majority of talented and brilliant Ugandans have opted to stay put as things take the wrong turn. “The problem has only been that we have never had a concentration or a dominant force either within the party or the government. And that would be the good people. They have always been a minority, marginalized and manipulated. Until we solve that, I highly doubt if there is ever going to be any other formula”, Muntu said.

This he said can be partly blamed on the bad politics that have dominated the country. He therefore advised every capable Ugandan to take keen interest in the governance of the day so as to overcome societal challenges. “When you don’t get in, somebody will get in who is going to clean it up for you? If you keep saying that politics is dirty, who on earth is going to clean it up?” Muntu asks.  Wholesomely, he said the dominant majority in politics is only interested in advancing individual not citizen’s collective interests. At the launch, Muntu announced that his new party will start traversing the country to popularize their philosophy and create awareness urging that government have no will or capacity to redirect the social, political and economic trajectory of Uganda. an accessible web community an accessible web community

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