Museveni Holds Meeting With American Billionaires, Discuss ADF Attacks

Museveni Holds Meeting With American Billionaires, Discuss ADF Attacks an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda

Kampala: President Yoweri Museveni has said that Uganda can work with the Democratic Republic of Congo to defeat the ADF terrorists wreaking havoc in the neighbouring country.

The President was this week meeting a USA delegation led by Howard G. Buffet the CEO of Buffet Foundation, a philanthropist and conservationist who is also the son of United States billionaire investor Warren Buffett and Shannon Sedgewick Davis the CEO of Bridgeway Foundation, a philanthropic organization dedicated to ending and preventing mass atrocities around the world at State House Entebbe.

While briefing his guests about the security situation in the region, President Yoweri Museveni said that the peace and security witnessed in Uganda was due to good ideology.

“The work that you see in Uganda is due to a correct ideology. We are patriotic because we believe in interests rather than identity. The problem in Somalia for example is both tribal and clan-based while the leadership in D.R. Congo has had an ideological vacuum,” he said.

The Bridgeway Foundation and the Buffet Foundation are involved in peace and security in the Great Lakes Region. Their current focus is the restoration of security in the D.R. Congo.

The CEO of Howard G. Buffet Foundation, Mr. Buffet a close friend of President Museveni was pleased to note that President Museveni was showing good leadership in the region.

Howard Buffet who said he was here to pay a courtesy call on President Museveni said the President’s Ankole cattle caused “chaos” in Texas!

“People in Texas brag about cattle, they were in awe when they saw your cows,” Buffet who visited President Museveni’s Kisozi ranch in 2019 said.

The CEO of Bridgeway Foundation Ms. Shannon said that they are very grateful for Uganda’s efforts in maintaining peace and security in the region. an accessible web community

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