Museveni Wants His Son Muhoozi, Whose Brains Can’t Manage LC1 Office To Rule Uganda-Gen.Sejusa!

Museveni Wants His Son Muhoozi, Whose Brains Can’t Manage LC1 Office To Rule Uganda-Gen.Sejusa! an accessible web community

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Kampala: General David Sejusa is among those battling horror dreams every night due to what he calls President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni’s ”diabolical and evil scheme” of grooming his son Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba to succeed him.

Muhoozi Kainerugaba is a Ugandan lieutenant general who serves as the commander of the land forces of the Uganda People’s Defence Force (UPDF) and who was previously the commander of the Special Forces Command (SFC) among other juicy army positions that have since fueled speculations of being prepared for the presidency.

Via, his Facebook Page, Sejusa says that putting aside Museveni’s wish to keep power within his family, his son’s leadership skills are insufficient to run an LC1 chairman office.

”Mr Museveni and his Junta family have a diabolical and evil scheme to force his son, Muhoozi, on Ugandans as the next president, even though it is apparent that his capacity to govern an LC1 village in Rwakitura is insufficient,” says Sejusa.

Shockingly, Sejusa says some opposition members are actually silently in support of Museveni’s government. ”What is so awful about this scenario is how some elements within the opposition, particularly opportunistic elements, are aiding the junta state in carrying out this evil agenda.”

Sejusa’s Facebook Post

”Whether Muhoozi is chosen as a ‘running mate,’ which is the preferred option, the truth is that M7 and his junta want to keep power. And we must resist them. Ugandans be warned,” adds Sejusa reminding Ugandans about the Muhoozi Project saga, ”Many Ugandans did not grasp me when I cautioned them about the ‘Muhoozi Project’.”

Flash Back, Sejusa Whips Muhoozi Project’s Storm In 2013

It should be recalled that Gen David Sejusa, the former coordinator of intelligence services, whipped up a storm in April 2013 when he claimed that there was a plot to assassinate senior government officials and army officers opposed to a future Muhoozi presidency.

Sejusa said there was a deliberate ploy by President Yoweri Museveni to propel his son to replace him after leaving power by strategically recruiting him in the army and making him commander of the presidential guards in which he’s accused of assembling a team of his own trusted comrades.

Sejusa would, later on, flee to the United Kingdom after being pursued by the government. Also, media houses that published Sejusa’s dossier on the ‘Muhoozi Project’ including Red Pepper and Daily Monitor were temporarily closed by the government for some weeks after being declared scenes of crime.

Then, Muhoozi denied allegations that his rise and key placement in the military command is a ploy to sidestep the law and have him replace his father as president.

“Uganda is not a monarchy where leadership is passed on from father to son. This so-called [Muhoozi] project is a people’s creation,” he said in a statement in 2013. an accessible web community

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