Naguru Land Saga: Minister Namuganza To Be Thrown Out Of Office As Court Dustbins Case Challenging Parliamentary Report

Naguru Land Saga: Minister Namuganza To Be Thrown Out Of Office As Court Dustbins Case Challenging Parliamentary Report an accessible web community

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Anytime from now, you may meet Minister Persis Namuganza on Kampala streets hunting for gigs this after Court dismissed her application challenging a parliamentary report that recommended her removal from office.

Part Of The Ruling
Part Of The Ruling

For our first-time readers, in May 2022, the Parliamentary Adhoc Committee report on the Nakawa-Naguru land saga found Namuganza culpable for abuse of office and overstepping her mandate when she directed the Uganda Land Commission (ULC) to allocate to some companies and individuals while purporting to be communicating the presidential directive which was non-existent.

READ HERE: Full Ruling

The above left Namuganza sweating which forced her to rush to Court seeking to have the report quashed on grounds that she was condemned unheard. In fact, she even asked Court to squeeze Ugx1billion out of the Attorney General for damages.

Namuganza went ahead and told Court that the report was biased, inconsistent and lacked proper assessment.

”That the applicant was before the Committee or even thereafter, issues relating to abuse of office were never put to me to defend myself or respond to them and not at any time thereafter. In a bid to justify their biased and unreasonable report, some members of the Parliamentary Adhoc Committee on the NaguruNakawa Land Allocations debated the report on the floor of Parliament contrary to the rules of procedure and natural justice,” Namuganza through her lawyers of Pande Norman, Norman Mwanja and Kayiwa Wilber told Court adding, ”As a result of the unjust and unfair investigations, the applicant has suffered mental anguish and her name tainted reasons for which she seeks an award of general damages.

However, the Attorney General asked Court to dustbin Namuganza’s application noting that she cannot challenge a recommendation of Parliament pending debate and consideration by the executive to assess whether or not to implement it.

In a ruling delivered by Justice Musa Ssekaana, Court on Tuesday dismissed Namuganza’s application on grounds that she did not set out any evidence to prove that she was not given a fair hearing by the Ad-hoc committee apart from merely alleging.

”This court has not found any abuse of authority or power by Parliament, the applicant is not entitled to any damages. This application fails on all the orders sought and the same stands dismissed. Each party shall bear their costs,” ruled Justice Ssekaana.

READ HERE: Full Ruling

Now, under the parliamentary rules of procedure, the executive has six months to act on the recommendations of parliament. What now remains to be seen is whether the recommendations from the Nakawa-Naguru land investigations including asking Namuganza to step aside will be confirmed by the executive. an accessible web community

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