New Details In Kadaga Witchcraft Saga  Emerge!

New Details In Kadaga Witchcraft Saga  Emerge! an accessible web community

By Spy Reporter

Kamuli, Uganda: The saga in which a witchdoctor in Kamuli district accuses the Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga of allegedly refusing to pay for a charm he gave her several years back has become very interesting.

Damian Akuze ID in 1990

Damiano Akuze, a witchdoctor in Kamuli district, accuses the Speaker of allegedly refusing to pay him Shs200m for a charm he gave her in 1990 such that she could get big jobs in government. He has since dragged Kadaga to court, demanding payment of his money and or fulfilling the promises she made him when he gave her a charm that worked for her so well that scooped several jobs in government. However, when we published the story on this website, Kadaga, through the Clerk to Parliament, issued a statement refuting Akuze’s allegations, which she termed as defamatory and aimed at tarnishing her image. But in response to her denial, Akuze has unveiled documents pertaining to the case. The documents include photocopies of an affidavit he swore his lawyers, a certificate indicating that he has been a witchdoctor or traditional healer  since  1990,his national ID, among other documents.

Damian Akuze National ID

According to his affidavit filed at High Court vide Civil Suit No.008 of 2019, Akuze avers that;

The Plaintiff is an adult male Ugandan of sound mind, a resident of Buwala Village, Lulyambuzi Parish, Wankola Sub-county, Kamuli District. The Defendant is an adult Ugandan presumed to be of sound mind and the Plaintiff undertakes to effect court process unto her. The Plaintiff’s cause of action against the defendant is for breach of contract,  general damages arising from breach of contract, interest  and costs of the suit. The Plaintiff  is a duly certified traditional healer, a copy of the registration certificate is hereto attached and marked as Annexture ‘A’. The Plaintiff avers that on the 1st day of September 1990, the Defendant approached the Plaintiff while at his shrine in Buwala, Buganda Zone, Lulyambuzi Parish, Wankola Subcounty, Kamuli district, seeking his help and traditional medicine. The Defendant requested the Plaintiff to work on her so that she would be given a big job in government and also be driven in a convoy like a president. The Defendant did not have money to pay the Plaintiff  at the time so the Plaintiff accepted to work on her on condition that she would pay the Plaintiff as soon as she got the job. The Plaintiff worked on the Defendant for two nights that is the night of 1st and 2nd September, 1990 and the Defendant acknowledged the good care that the Plaintiff gave her. That since 1990 to date, the Plaintiff has been administering his traditional medicines unto the Defendant and because of the above the Defendant has served in government since then.

Damian Akuze certificate of Traditional healers

The cause of this action arose at Buwala, Buganda Zone, Lulyambuzi, Wankola Sub-county, Kamuli District and the same is within the jurisdiction of this honourable court. REASONS WHEREFORE the Plaitiff prays for judgment in his favour against the Defendant upon the following terms;

  1. a) The Plaintiff be awarded Special Damages in the sum of Ugshs204,500,000
  1. b) The Defendant be ordered to pay general damages for breach of contract.
  1. c) Interest of 25% per month and special damages from the cause of action till payment in full.
  1. d) Costs of the suit. an accessible web community

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