NWSC Comes To Consensus With Bulk Water Sellers As Fight Against Water Theft Gains Momentum

NWSC Comes To Consensus With Bulk Water Sellers As Fight Against Water Theft Gains Momentum

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Kampala: From washing bays to big institutions, Illegal water use has been on the rise and bulk water sellers are not an exception. NWSC top management thought it wise to meet them, discuss and address the situation at hand among other issues.

The meeting commenced with the bulk water sellers airing challenges they face in the business. Notably: harsh approach by NWSC staff when investigating illegal water use, high water prices, no lenience when asking for payment, delay in handling leakages, among others.

To these, the Senior Manager-Non Revenue Water, Godfrey Arinitwe explained that the nature of arrests is for investigative purposes. He however, promised lenience if the culprits took responsibility by not tampering with the meters. He noted that some bulk sellers use the bowsers for both constructions and selling water to customers. This, he condemned saying customers need clean water and such incidents taint the Corporation’s image.

Whereas the Senior Manager-Central Support Unit, Mr. Deogratius Serumaga explained how the tariffs are derived and their effect on the bulk water sellers. He hinted that a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) will soon be signed to improve the working relationship between the sellers and NWSC. He also advised that they form an association that will be helpful in resolving certain issues amidst other benefits.

The Kampala Water General Manager, Eng. Mahmood Lutaaya appreciated the bulk sellers for giving NWSC business and called for their cooperation. He motivated them to join the association proposed by Mr. Serumaga when it is formed as it will provide security for their jobs.

Eng. Lutaaya requested the team to always report leakages, bursts, water theft, and that way help in the fight against Non-Revenue Water.

Accessdome.com: an accessible web community

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