Nyakasura School Strike Over TV Leaves One Admitted!

Nyakasura School Strike Over TV Leaves One Admitted!

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By Spy Uganda

There was a scuffle on Sunday night, which went on till Monday morning at Nyakasura School after S4 students demanded to watch TV in the dining hall that was being used by S5 class as an examination room at the time.

Nyakasura School is a mixed, boarding, middle, and high school in Fort Portal, Kabarole District, Western Region of Uganda.

Trouble began when their time (S4) for watching TV came only to reach at the hall and find S5 S5 students still engulfed at the end of 2nd term final exams.

According to the school’s Headmaster Rev Richardson Balinda, whom our reporter spoke to via phone call, the situation was brought under control on Saturday night. Still, again S2 and S3, who later joined the ‘bandwagon’ worsened it on Sunday night till Monday when they started throwing stones, and shuttering dormitory glasses before police repulsed them back into their places of residence.

“It started on Saturday evening. Because every Saturday from 7:30pm-6:30pm is for entertainment. All students gather to watch news and movies. However, this time round S5 was still using the hall from e their exams. When S4s came and demanded to use the hall, the teachers told them to wait. We even later compensated and extended the time for their watching. So that ended. But on Sunday evening again, some students from S2 and S3, from nowhere, learnt from their colleagues that they were smashing classroom glasses, throwing stones etc. I immediately called DPC North Division with whom I had been at the school since the previous incident to ascertain the situation. When we got there, indeed some students were throwing stones, that was around 9:30pm,” Balinda explained.

According to Balinda, police was called in and managed to arrest at least one student, one Maxwell Amanyire, a student of S2.

“I can confirm that it’s only one student who was arrested and is now admitted at Kabarole Hospital nursing body pains after he ‘experienced’ minimum force from Police when he tried to disarm one of the Police officers and was resisting arrest. The boy also harmed the officer’s finger. He broke it and we’re now the ones nursing him,” added Rev Balinda.

Admitted Student To Be Expelled On Return From Hospital

When asked about the fate of the student at school when he heals, Rev.Balinda confirmed his expulsion letter has already been signed and stamped!

“By the way, this student, recently wanted to stand for leadership at school and his bad behaviours denied him a chance, I didn’t know this. It’s his teachers who just informed me after this incident. So he has been having a bad record already with his teachers. Secondly, I want you to realize that this was a matter for S4 & 5, he jumped on it because he’s been looking for any spark in the school for him to bring out his true self. So we can’t tolerate such a student here. You never know tomorrow he can burn the school from a very small incident. When he returns, his expulsion letter is ready,” he said.

This newspaper understands that Maxwell is a son of a female journalist working with one of the media houses in Hoima.

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