Opinion: Gov’t Technocrats Are Telling Lies To Museveni About The Economy-Mulangira

Opinion: Gov’t Technocrats Are Telling Lies To Museveni About The Economy-Mulangira

By Hope Mulangira Kaweesa

City Lawyer and political analyst Kaweesa Hope Mulangira has revealed that it looks like the President of Uganda Gen Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is being misguided by the technical people who tell lies about the reality of the economy just to impress him.

Counsel Mulangira’s words come at a time when the world bank has rubbished claims by the NRA General that Uganda achieved the middle-income status.

According to the world bank, Uganda is not even close to achieving middle-class economic status as many of her citizens are still below the poverty line with over 50% unable to earn 1 dollar per day.

The World Bank statistics were totally contradicting with what Gen Museveni said over two weeks ago where he alleged that the income per head is an average of 1000 dollars per year hence Ugandan worth being in middle-income status.

Counsel Mulangira of Tayebwa, Sserwadda & Co.advocates on this matter said, the president needs to swallow the hard pill and accept criticism from those opposing him because this is where the real statistics can be fetched other than those who want to show him that everything is doing good in order to gain more favors from him.

Counsel Mulangira adds that it is not too late for government to beef up in the fight against poverty but it is more important to channel the taxpayers money into the right programs that can help Ugandans jump out of poverty.

He further adds that the Parish Development model just like all its predecessors is more likely to fail because no serious groundwork and consultations were done to find out what failed in the previous NAADs programs and what this new program the PDM is to address to skip the huddles of failure.

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