Over 30 Staff Lose Jobs As Kin Kariisa Focuses On Global Digital Competition

Over 30 Staff Lose Jobs As Kin Kariisa Focuses On Global Digital Competition

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By Andrew Irumba

Over 30 staff are now searching for new jobs after Uganda’s media giant Next Media Group, which owns NBS Television, announced that it is digitally realigning and restructuring.

In a statement issued on 30, November 2022, the media company stated that the above decision was after lengthy deliberation and consideration by the Management and Board of Next Media.

“Following the conclusion of our Group CEO’s engagements across the Group on how best we can realign Next Media’s digital strategy to the global digital agenda as demanded by the ongoing global technological advancements, the Group has, over this week, undertaken a restructuring process to serve our audiences more effectively,” partly reads a statement issued to the staff by the group’s head of corporate affairs, Derick Begumisa.

Group CEO, Kin Kariisa said this has been one of the most difficult decisions the Group has ever had to make, “especially because of how long some of the departing people have served us and how much respect I have for them.”

Next Media Statement On Restructuring

He added: “With the ever-evolving global trends and media consumption habits, our business needs to continue effectively serving its consumers, partners, and stakeholders. We believe now is the best time to realign and act towards remaining relevant in our highly competitive environment.”

As if they fed on the same breast, Nairobi-based Nation Media Group, which runs NTV-Kenya and NTV-Uganda, among other multiple brands has also announced a restructuring exercise on Wednesday, apparently over similar reasons of ‘reading selves’ for Digital Global competition.

Spy Uganda through its sources has learnt that the same restructuring will be effected at Kampala-based stations including NTV Uganda.

”On 4th November 2022, we announced changes to accelerate our business transformation agenda to assure our success in the long term and the sustainability of our journalism. We take this opportunity to sincerely thank everyone for the role they continue to play in our transformation journey with diligence,
commitment and passion,” reads NMG’s statement.

In a statement issued on 30th November 2022, NMG says the decision will result in a reorganization of its

NMG Nairobi Announced 'Adjustments' On Wednesday
NMG Nairobi Announced ‘Adjustments’ On Wednesday

”We will continue to refocus on priority areas to deliver on the transformation while adequately resourcing and placing staff into areas where their skills are best utilized. Regrettably, this refocus will result in a reorganization of our workforce. This is an extremely difficult decision in view of the prevailing business environment. This exercise will be carried out with utmost dignity and in accordance with the Labour Laws
of Kenya. We will strive to provide all the necessary support to help those affected to manage the transition,” adds the statement.

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